For the Record...


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Gordon J. DiRenzo, professor of sociology and criminal justice, made a presentation at World Congress of International Institute of Sociology, July 11-16, Krakow, Poland.


J. Thomas Sims, professor of plant and soil sciences, was presented the Environmental Quality Research Award by the America Society of Agronomy, Oct. 24 at the American Society of Agronomy and Soil Science Society of America annual meeting in Charlotte, N.C.

John H. Talley, associate director of the Delaware Geological Survey, was awarded a Presidential Certificate of Merit from the American Institute of Professional Geologists for extraordinary dedication in organizing the successful 2001 Washington, D.C., Fly-In in May.

Amy Johnson, assistant professor of nursing, received the International Dissertation Award from Sigma Theta Tau.

Denise M. Seliskar, scientist in marine studies, received the title of concurrent professor from Nanjing University, China, Sept. 3, for her collaborative work over the past 11 years with scientists in the university's Institute of Biotechnology.

Janice Selekman, professor of nursing, was presented the Carol Costante Research Award from the National Association of School Nurses.

Jay Coughenour, assistant professor of business and economics, won the Financial Management Association Market Microstructure Competitive Paper Prize for his paper, titled "Information, Inventory and the Relative Flow of Different Size Trades," at the association meeting in October in Toronto.

Leonard W. Schwartz, professor of mechanical engineering, with Richard R. Eley of ICUI Paints, won first place for their paper, "A New Polymeric Polyol for Thermoset Coatings" at the International Coatings Expo, held Nov. 4-7 in Atlanta.


Theodore E.D. Braun, professor of foreign languages and literatures, co-organized and co-chaired a four panel series on "Sense and Sensibility, Storm and Stress, Sex and Society," at the East-Central American Society for 18th-Century Studies meeting in October, Cape May, N.J.

Benjamin Steiner, assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice, was appointed to the Law & Society Association's committee on racial and ethnic diversity.

Farley Grubb, professor of business and economics, served on the local area arrangement committee for the Economic History Association annual meeting, held in October in Philadelphia. He also addressed the Social Science History Association annual conference at its November president's luncheon in Chicago.

Arno Loessner, policy fellow in the Institute for Public Administration, served as a faculty member at the session "Universities and Social Transformation," in Salzburg, Austria, Sept. 12-16.

Henry R. Glyde, professor of physics and astronomy, was elected vice chairman of the Forum for International Physics of the American Physical Society in September. He also won the APS John Wheatley Award, recognizing his contributions to developing physics in Thailand over the past 30 years.

William Frawley, director of undergraduate studies, was a contributor to and a member of the editorial advisory board for the New Oxford American Dictionary.