DAVID PONG, history, has written "Themes in Chinese History: What To Teach and How To Teach Them," for the Bulletin of Teachers of American-Chinese Schools, pages 108-121, which was published in the spring 2001. He also made a presentation of "Industrial Relations and Industrial Action in the Closing Years of the Qing Dynasty," at the international conference on reinterpreting 20th-century China, June 7-9, at the Modern History Society of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University; and a talk on "Industrial Unrest in the Era of the Republican Revolution," at Historical Society of 20th-Century China meeting, June 15-17, at Beijing University, Beijing, China.

SYLVESTER JOHNSON, (left) assistant director, Bob Carpenter Center, and WILLIAM J. KATORKAS, public safety, presented a talk on "Responding to Usual Crowd Control Situations and Emergency Situations," at 2001 Athletic Directors Conference, on Oct. 10 in Dover.

SCOTT MASON, student center, contributor to a publication on "Peering Into the Void: What's In Store for Campus Activities? Professionals, Students and Associate Members Predict Future Trends in the Field," featured in Programming, vol. 34, no. 4.