Vol. 20, No. 18

July 19, 2001

Library web site offers faculty,
staff, students 'Alerting Services'

A new collection of services available via the University of Delaware library web site enables faculty, staff and students to keep informed through e-mail when the newest and latest articles appear about a research topic in thousands of scholarly journals and to automatically receive entire online electronic journal articles and information about a particular research topic via e-mail.

Using the new "Alerting Services" web page created by the library makes it easier to learn more about and sign up for the alerting services from dozens of major publishers covering thousands of electronic journals. Until recently, there was no central way to learn about and sign up for this service.

Users should keep in mind that each alerting service is different for each publisher. Therefore, it is necessary to sign up individually. The "Alerting Services" page links to services from journal publishers such as Academic Press, the American Chemical Society, American Institute of Physics, Blackwell Science, Cambridge University Press, Elsevier and many more.

There is no charge to use "Alerting Services." Individuals may sign up online via the library web site at [http://www. lib.udel.edu] by clicking on the "Alerting Services" button, or going directly to [http://www.lib. udel. edu/services/alerting.htm].

For information, call the library at 831-2231.