Vol. 20, No. 13

April 5, 2001

Office of Residence Life

Business casual– that's the best way to describe the Office of Residence Life's web pages.

Living on campus has more to offer than just a residence hall room, and the residence life web site helps students explore the many options available, including living programs, activities and leadership opportunities, as well as student rights and responsibilities.

"We initially created the web site to communicate our mission, values and philosophy to current and future students," Chuck Shermeyer, residence life, said. "We also are continuing to develop the site as a resource for current and prospective staff."

The living options pages provide information that many students find helpful when choosing a place to live for the next year,

Moving in is the first step in the residence life experience, and the web pages provide information on everything– from special housing to the Arrival Survival Team that helps new and transfer students move luggage and other belongings into their residence hall rooms on check-in day.

Leadership opportunities and activities also are posted on the web pages, with information on programs that range from first-year experience and freshmen and upper class honors programs to the Russell Fellows program.

Joy Lynam, IT-Management Information Services, noted that information on the text-like web pages can be delivered quickly over modem or the network, while phone numbers, addresses and e-mail addresses on every page provide relatively easy interaction with site visitors.

Another plus is the use of background colors in tables, a method that focuses attention to related information and complements the yellow columns on the left side of their pages to provide related web links.

"It's interesting, engaging and informative, but with a nice business-like sensibility," Lynam said. "The photography used on most pages personifies the services and adds interest."

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