Vol. 20, No. 13

April 5, 2001

Register through Park by Phone

Employees and students should look for Park by Phone brochures in the mail in the beginning of April. If there are no changes, just sign, date and return the form. If a change is needed, please fill in the brochure's worksheet and call Park by Phone, or go to the web site at [www.udel.edu/ publicsafety/ parkingservices.htm], click on the Park by Phone link to find the codes and phone number and then call Park by Phone.

As in the past, employees' vehicles will not be registered.

Resident student lots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Students who will reside on campus do not need to know which residence hall they will be living in to fill out the form as lot assignments will be given after residence halls are assigned. To try to secure space in the closest lot to a residence hall, it is recommended that students register early and for the full year.

Park by Phone will eliminate the inconvenience of standing in lines to register for a permit in the fall. For information, call Parking Services at 831-1184.