Vol. 20, No. 13

April 5, 2001

Daniel Carson Presntations

Dewey Caron Presentations

Sandra Farmer Anniversaries

Billy Glass Anniversaries

Bethany Hall-Long Publications

Judith Herrman Service

Helen Shields Anniversaries

Gloria Wilkins Anniversaries


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Billy P. Glass, geology, with graduate student Shaobin Liu and Peter B. Leavens, geology, “Discovery of a Naturally Occurring, Shock-Produced, High-Pressure Zircon Polymorph”; Glass and Liu, “Upper Eocene Impact Ejecta/Spherule Layers in Marine Sediments: New Sites”; Liu and Glass with California Institute of Technology faculty, “Sr and Nd Data for Upper Eocene Spherule Layers”; and Glass with Rutgers University faculty and graduate student, “Be-10 in Muong Nong-Type Australasian Tektites: Constraints on the Location of the Source Crater,” at 32nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, March 12-16, Houston.

Keith E. Edwards, residence life, with Mark S. Denke of Colorado State University, “Courageous Solutions: The Impacts of Learning Communities on Student Success,” at American College Personnel Association National Conference, March 3-7, Boston.

Faculty and students of the Department of Entomology and Applied Ecology made presentations at the Eastern Branch meeting of the Entomological Society of America in Harrisburg, Pa., March 4-7. Two poster displays: graduate student Alexis Park, J.S. Pattis, USDA-ARS Bee Research Lab, Beltsville, Md., and D. M. Caron, “Use of Household Products in the Control of Small Hive Beetle Larvae of Treated Combs” and graduate student Jaime M. Vandarwarka and J. Hough-Goldstein, “Straw Mulch, Weeds, Pests and Predators in an Organic Farming System.” Four graduate student papers were entered into competition: Melody Euaparadorn, undergraduate, Mark Phipps, former undergraduate, and S. P. Whitney, Cooperative Extension Service, “Evaluation of Two Dye Markers for Mark-Release-Recapture Studies of Eastern Subterranean Termites (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)”; Bonnie V. McGuire, graduate student, and C. B. Keil, “European Corn Borer, Ostrinia nubilalis Hubner (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) Resistance to CRYIA(b)”; Dana L. Price, graduate student, and Hough-Goldstein, “Host specificity testing of Homorosoma chinensis (Wagner) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), A Potential Biological Control Agent for Mile-a-minute Weed”; and Cherie B. Godwin, graduate student, M.S. Lacey, adjunct professor, and Whitney, “Entrepreneurial Entomology: So, Your Degree is in WHAT? –Thinking Outside of the Box for Today’s Careers in Entomology.” Other papers presented: Verryn Jennings, graduate student. “Fragmentation Effects on Insect Diversity at a Temperate Woodlot in Delaware”; Jennie E. Witmer, graduate student, and Hough-Goldstein, “A Comparison of Abundance and Diversity of Generalist Ground-Dwelling Predators among Four Cropping Systems”; D. A. Baltrus, undergraduate, and D. W. Tallamy, “Egg Stealing in Forficula auricularius (Forficulidae: Dermaptera)”; and Heidi Fernstermacher, graduate student, “Does Species of Leaf Input Influence an Aquatic Insect Community?”

Herbert E. Allen, civil and environmental engineering, “Importance of Chemical Speciation in Fate and Effects of Metals Discharged to the Environment,” at International Conference on Environmental Management in Metallurgical Industries, Dec. 14-16, Varanasi, India; Allen with Jennifer K. Saxe and Christopher Impelletteri, both EG 2000PhD, “Predictive Model for Partitioning and Plant Availability of Copper and Zinc in Soil,” at Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 22nd annual meeting, Nov. 12-16, Nashville.

Tom Sims, plant and soil sciences, “Implications of Dietary Modification and Chemical Treatment on Nonpoint Source Phosphorus Pollution from Manured Soils,” at U.S. Poultry and Egg Association national environmental seminar, March 7, Birmingham, Ala.

Dewey M. Caron, entomology and applied ecology, two presentation to American Bee Research Conference, January, San Diego, and featured speaker at Bee Masters Short Course, Feb. 27-March 3, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Gary Stephen Allison, education, with Robert Cerf of Milford High School, “ACTION—Allison/Cerf Tactical Interventions Occurring Non-Violently—A Comprehensive Crisis Prevention, Intervention and Postvention Program for the Classroom,” at Delaware Council for Exceptional Children Conference, March 8, Dover.

Vic Klemas, marine studies, an invited paper, “Remote Sensing of Landscape-Level Coastal Environmental Indicators,” to Association of State Wetland Managers annual meeting, March 6-8, Washington, D.C.; and “Studies of Coastal Ecosystem Health Using Remote Sensing and GIS,” at 2001 Mid-Atlantic States Regional Land Use Workshop, March 14-15, Ft. Meade, Md.

Jian-Qiao Sun, mechanical engineering, keynote address, “Some Nonlinear Control Problems in Dynamic Systems,” at Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences’ IX International Symposium on Dynamic Problems of Mechanics, March 5-9, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina-Brazil.

Rudi Matthee, history, “Suspicion, Fear and Admiration: Pre-19th- Century Iranian Views of England and Russia,” March 7, Columbia University, New York City.

Debra Hess Norris, art conservation, lecture on conservation at Spelman College, Department of Art, March 21, Atlanta.

Dan Carson, Trustees Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences, “Cell Surface Interactions and Embryo Implantation,” at Human Anatomy and Physiology Society regional conference, March 10, Delaware Technical and Community College.

Kelvin W. Ramsey, Delaware Geological Survey, “Career Opportunities in Geology,” at conference for high school students on environmental careers, March 6, Abbots Mill Nature Center, and “The ’62 Storm: Revisiting Delaware’s Storm of the Century,” March 7, Rehoboth Beach.

Cynthia Pearson, nursing, “Non-Pharmacological Management of Behavioral Disturbances in Clients with Dementia,” Nov. 29, at Christiana Care.

Elena Shainyan, urban affairs and public policy, and Alexander Settles, Institute for Public Administration, “Information Technology Access,” March 13, at American Society for Public Administration national conference, Newark, N.J.

Judith Hendricks, nursing, “Running for Office: An NP Perspective,” to American College of Nurse Practitioners Leadership Summit, Feb. 4.

Susan Sweeney, theatre, served as voice and text coach for the Delaware Theatre Company’s production of Macbeth and voice and dialect coach for its production of A Christmas Carol.

Judith Herrman, nursing, “Adolescents at Risk,” Oct. 13, Alfred I. du Pont Hospital for Children, Wilmington.

Larry Purnell, nursing, keynote address, “Multicultural Strategies for Alcohol Education,” at European Union’s Nursing Council on Alcohol, Nov. 30, Caledonia University, Glasgow, Scotland; keynote address, “Hispanic Health Beliefs and the Meaning of Respect Afforded Them by Healthcare Providers,” at seven annual Nursing Research Day, Nov. 17, Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, N.J.; and “Development of the Purnell Model for Cultural Competence,” Nov. 15, College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, N.Y.

Joann Browning, theatre, choreographed A Christmas Carol for the Delaware Theatre Company, December.

Janice Selekman, nursing, “Aging of the Compromised Child,” Feb. 28, Philadelphia.

Bill Browning, theatre, invited paper, “The Definition of Space for the Narration of Ancient Greek Drama,” at sixth international symposium on ancient Greek drama, Droushia, Cyprus.

Helen Bowers, finance, a seminar, “Internet Trading,” at Delaware Investment Education Conferences, during April in Wilmington, Dover, Georgetown and Newark.

Heinz-Uwe Haus, theatre, a workshop on Euripides’ Medea and Mueller’s Medeamaterial, September, Paphos, Cyprus; presenter and session chairperson at 24th meeting of International Movement for Interdisciplinary Study of Estrangement, August, Naples, and at the International Society for the Study of European Ideas conference, August, University of Bergen, Norway; “Hybris and Blindness: Contemporary Stage Approaches,” at sixth international symposium on ancient Greek drama, Droushia, Cypris; and speaker at Tagung Autorenkreis der Bundesrepublic Deutschland, October, Berlin.

Valerie Hans, sociology and criminal justice, “Business on Trial: The Role of the Civil Jury,” at People’s Law School, March 14, Wilmington; and, in a radio interview with Brian Lehrer, WYNC, New York, March 13, discussed the possibility of a decline in the role of the jury in U.S. courts.


Judith Hendricks, nursing, appointed to Neighborhood Schools Committee, Christina Shool District.

Bill Browning, theatre, served as graphics editor for the ehxibit catalog for the 2001 Tech Expo for the United States Institute for Theatre Technology national conference. He also served as computer programming coordinator for all events.

Judith Herrman, nursing, was appointed to the Governor’s Coalition on Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention.

Heinz-Uwe Haus, theatre, was elected to the advisory board of Autorenkreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Berlin.

Dewey M. Caron, entomology and applied ecology, was apiary products judge at the Pennsylvania Farm Show in January and national judge at the annual Honey Show at the American Beekeeping Federation meetings in San Diego.


35 Years
Linda B. Huber, chemical engineering, April 14, 1966

30 Years
Angela Christine Beecham, billing and collection, April 19, 1971

25 Years
Edward Tyrone Moore, Dining Services, April 12, 1976
Gloria R. Wilkins, Institute for Public Administration, April 12, 1976

20 Years
Ed Okonowicz, public relations, April 15, 1981
Constance P. Weber, entomology and applied ecology, April 13, 1981

15 Years
Curtis G. Conner, Facilities Management/building services, April 7, 1986
Thomas A. Evans, plant and soil sciences, April 16, 1986
Helen C. Shields, finance, April 7, 1986
Gloria J. Williams, Graphic Communications Center, April 14, 1986

10 Years
Margaret Fiorelli, Dining Services, April 8, 1991
Janet Lofland, biological sciences, April 8, 1991

5 Years
John F. Crampton, Facilities Management/grounds services, April 15, 1996
Sandra C. Farmer, library, April 8, 1996
John Joseph Garwood, Residential Conference Facilities/shops, April 15, 1996
Pedro J. Sierra, Facilities Management/building services, April 15, 1996