Vol. 19, No. 9Oct. 28, 1999

United Way dollars at work

Stuart Sharkey, Center for School Services, serves on the board of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Delaware and is very much aware of the importance of the United Way since he directly sees its dollars at work.

Sharkey chairs the DuPont Riverfest, a fall celebration and fundraiser, attracting close to 20,000 people, all for the benefit of the Boys and Girls Clubs. In his volunteer work, he is familiar with the clubs' programs and expenditures.

"United Way support is essential for the Boys and Girls Clubs, which provide so much to Delaware's children," he said. "Without the United Way, the Boys and Girls Clubs simply could not operate."

The Boys and Girls Clubs are located in 13 centers in Delaware, including five in New Castle County, and serve 15,000 boys and girls. The clubs offer after-school recreation, tutoring and counseling to Delaware's youth and are a home away from home for many children, ranging in age from 4-year-olds to teenagers.

Thanks to community support from the United Way, the Boys and Girls Clubs are able to provide vital and important programs and services to children throughout the state, Sharkey said.