Vol. 19, No. 9Oct. 28, 1999

Nov. 11 deadline set for Salzburg Seminar proposals

The Salzburg Seminar Selection Committee is accepting proposals from faculty and professional staff interested in participating in the 2000 Salzburg Seminar.

Proposals to the UD committee are due by 4:30 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 11. Interested persons may submit a proposal, not to exceed two pages, identifying the session they wish to attend and explaining why they believe attendance will enhance their work at the University.

The 2000 program includes sessions on:

A Salzburg brochure, outlining details of the different sessions, and a list of former UD fellows, is in the Reserve Room of the Morris Library. Information about seminar faculty at each session and other details are available at <www.salzburg seminar.org>.

Questions about the application procedure at UD may be sent to <loessner@udel.edu>.