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30 years

G. Arno Loessner, Institute for Public Administration, Nov. 1, 1969

20 years

Sandra Sue Cloud, animal and food sciences, Nov. 1, 1979

Larry A. Cogburn, animal and food sciences, Nov. 1, 1979

15 years

Dorothy R. Allen, library, Nov. 1, 1984

Demaris Hollembeak, library, Nov. 1, 1984

Paul A. Hubbs, Facilities Management/heating and cooling, Oct. 29, 1984

Lisa M. Raker, business and economics, Oct. 29, 1984

10 years

Amy Nelson Connell, account services, Oct. 30, 1989

Michael Paul Freidly, Facilities Management/heating and cooling, Oct. 30, 1989

Mary F. Sullivan, Delaware Geological Survey, Oct. 30, 1989

Joan Watson, Facilities Planning and Construction, Nov. 1, 1989

5 years

Joseph F. Cieniewicz, chemistry and biochemistry, Oct. 31, 1994

Deborah L. Costa, medical technology, Nov. 1, 1994

Roberta Gealt, Center for Drug and Alcohol Studies, Nov. 1, 1994

Edith Lillian Havens, psychology, Oct. 25, 1994

Deborah K. Lehman, English, Nov. 1, 1994

Joyce C. Winchester, Academic Services Center, Nov. 1, 1994

New assignments

Sharon M. Allen, service representative, Student Centers

Gary S. Allison, instructor, education

Harry Anderson, senior locksmith, Facilities Management

Karl Aquino, assistant professor, business administration

Busby N. Attoh-Okine, assistant professor, civil and environmental engineering

Russell Barbarino, administrative coordinator, Intercollegiate Athletics Program

Sharon L. Beard, project leader, Center for Disability Studies

Vivian Bennett, instructor, business administration

John C. Bernard, assistant professor, food and resource economics

Joel G. Best, chairperson, sociology

Gregory D. Binford, assistant professor, plant and soil sciences

Helen Bowers, associate professor, finance

Richard E. Bowman, director, administrative services

Kirsten J. Brown, coordinator, student housing

Laura A. Brown, records analyst/coordinator, administrative services

Martin C. Brueckner, assistant professor, English

Terry L. Campbell, assistant professor, finance

Linda Carey, director, Student Housing

Darlene L. Cartwright, events coordinator, student centers

Tsu-Wei Chou, acting chairperson, mechanical engineering

Theresa B. Clower, director, Delaware Center for Teacher Education

Allyson D. Cole-Strauss, associate scientist, biological sciences

Jay F. Coughenour, assistant professor, finance

Juanita S. Crook, administrative assistant, labor relations

Anny D. Curtius, assistant professor, foreign languages and literatures

Marisa S. De Los Santos, assistant professor, University Parallel Program/Wilmington

Kathleen L. Defoe, coordinator, education

Margaret Dillner, instructor, education

Richard H. Duggan, campus IT associate V, manager, arts and science

Kimberly A. Dvorak, custodian A, Facilities Management

Theda M. Ellis, director, Center for Disability Studies

Stephen Erickson, library coordinator

Marcia L. Fawcett, staff assistant, Instructional Technology

Kathleen Feldman, secretary, Delaware Center for Teacher Education

Thomas J. Fernsler, associate policy scientist, Mathematics and Science Education Resource Center

Danielle Ford, assistant professor, education

Maria H. Frawley, associate professor, English

Howard B. Gamper, scientist, biological sciences

Javier Garcia-Frias, assistant professor, electrical and computer engineering

Richard L. Gaw, manager, administrative services

Beth A. Gluck, admissions officer, admissions

Kimberly A. Habiger, administrative assistant, marine studies

Joan F. Higgins, records analyst/coordinator, Information Technologies/University Media Services

Thomas J. Hofferd, assistant professor, accounting

Lisa C. Huber, assistant dean, arts and science

Janette L. Humphrey, staff assistant, Administrative Services

William J. Idsardi, acting chairperson, linguistics

Tammy Jackson-Harmon, supervisor, ticketing services

Christina Johnson, research specialist, biological sciences

Michael Johnson, assistant professor, art

Emma J. Joseph, assistant professor, sociology

James R. Keegan, assistant professor, University Parallel Program/Georgetown

Michael S. Keeley, custodian A, Facilities Management

Erick R. Kelemen, assistant professor, English

James L. Kelson, custodian A, Facilities Management

Hemant Kher, assistant professor, business administration

Fouad E. Kiamilev, associate professor, electrical and computer engineering

James F. Kiley-Zufelt, information resource consultant I, American Philosophical Association

Jo-Mary Kmetz, instructor, communication

Carol A. Krawczyk, assistant professor, plant and soil science

Odette C. Kugler, instructor, foreign languages and literatures

Sara A. Lamb, coordinator, education

Gail D. Lanius, coordinator, conferences-Newark

David R. Legates, associate professor, geography

Matthew R. Lenno, complex coordinator, Residence Life

Beatrice L. Lyons, senior secretary, Delaware Institute for Arts in Education

Kevin G. Mairs, custodian A, Facilities Management

Annette G. Mehan, executive secretary, University Honors Program

Stacey L. Milkovics, instructor, foreign languages and literatures

Patrick T. Mitchell, instructor, mathematical sciences

Judith A. Mraz, executive secretary, Residential and Conference Facilities

Frances S. Mullen, senior secretary, plant and soil sciences

Marilee H. Mullett, administrative assistant, Center for Science and Culture

Tammi J. Mullon, senior secretary, animal and food sciences

Leslie A. Murin, secretary, nutrition and dietetics

Meghna V. Naik, research associate III, biological sciences

Edmund R. Nowak, assistant professor, physics and astronomy

Rebecca S. Panichelli, University nurse II, Student Health Services

Hetal M. Parekh, research associate II, biological sciences

Judith S. Patton, coordinator, education

Cynthia A. Pearson, instructor, dean's office, health and nursing science

Darrin J. Pochan, assistant professor, materials science

Carolee A. Polek, assistant professor, nursing

Michael Rice, research associate II, biological sciences

Andre B. Rosay, assistant professor, sociology

Katherine S. Rudolph, assistant professor, physical therapy

Meryl Rudzinski, staff assistant, public relations

Alexander Rudzinski, library coordinator

Jonathan S. Russ, assistant professor, history

Lawrence M. Ryan, business adviser, international programs and special sessions

Florence Scali, staff assistant, Mathematics and Science Education Resource Center

Sarah L. Schmidt, assistant librarian

Joel P. Schneider, assistant professor, chemistry and biochemistry

Winifred D. Scott, assistant professor, accounting

Marie O. Senff, administrative assistant, Delaware Center for Teacher Education

Mark A. Serva, assistant professor, accounting

Asa T. Spaulding, assistant professor, English

William L. Spear, assistant director, Administrative Services

Shirley L. Stotko, staff assistant, Delaware Center for Teacher Education

Wanda L. Taylor, office coordinator, Delaware Transportation Institute

Anthony Townsend, assistant professor, business administration

John W. Troxell, microcomputing specialist I, library

John A. Tures, lecturer, political science and international relations

Ioana T. Tzatcheva, assistant program coordinator, international programs and special sessions

Uma Velury, assistant professor, accounting

Izzy Vishnevetsky, campus IT associate II, Center for Drug and Alcohol Studies

Radmila V. Vuchic, assistant professor, foreign languages and literatures

Charles R. Wallace, assistant professor, computer and information sciences

Deanna L. Warner, records specialist, Center for Applied Demography and Survey Research

Hekun A. Wu, assistant professor, music

W S. Wycoff, instructor, business administration

Kimberly A. Yackoski, assistant dean, student services, dean's office, human resources, education and public policy

Jerry A. Yamamuro, assistant professor, civil and environmental engineering

Julia L. Yearian, manager, American Philosophical Association

Jane C. Yezdimer, medical services representative, Student Health Services

Sakir Yucel, lecturer, computer and information sciences