Vol. 19, No. 8Oct. 21, 1999

Public hearings scheduled on statewide education reform

The serious issue of education reform will be addressed Oct. 28 during a special session of the state legislature that will focus on the Educator Accountability Act of 1999. This proposed

legislation establishes a system of licensure, certification, evaluation and professional development that seeks to improve the quality of classroom instruction for Delaware's children.

Various members of the University community, representing different campus units, have been involved in many aspects of the state's efforts to improve the quality of education and school systems at all levels.

Earlier efforts have addressed student accountability and testing. This particular piece of legislation focuses on teacher accountability. The bill establishes a Professional Standards Board, which will propose rules and regulations in the areas of pre-service training, licensure, certification, recruitment, evaluation and professional development.

Other aspects of the act address a rating index, appraisals, administration, salary schedules and monetary awards.

This week, four town meetings are being hosted by Gov. Tom Carper with representatives of the General Assembly, Delaware State Education Association, State Parent Teachers Association, Department of Education and business and community leaders. The focus of these meetings will be to solicit public input on education accountability.

Concerned members of the University community should contact their state representatives.