Vol. 19, No. 33

June 8, 2000


Sue Davis, political science and international relations, Corwin and Peltason's Understanding the Constitution, 15th edition, Harcourt Publishers.


Philip Goldstein, parallel program, "Orwell as (Neo) Conservative: The Reception of 1984," in Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association, vol. 33, pages 44-57.

M. Dina Giambi, library, "Serials," in Magazines for Libraries, 10th edition, pages 1291-1294, R.R. Bowker.

Herbert E. Allen, civil and environmental engineering, with Sebastien and William Hendershot of McGill University, "Solid-solution Partitioning of Metals in Contaminated Soils: Dependence on pH and Total Metal Burden," in Environmental Science and Technology, vol. 34, pages 1125-1131; with graduate student Christopher A. Impellitteri, Gustavo Lagos of Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and Michael McLaughlin of CSIRO Australia, "Removal of Soluble Cu and Pb by the Automatic Drip Coffee Brewing Process: Application to Risk Assessment," in Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, vol. 6, pages 313-322.


Ivo Dominguez, foreign languages and literatures, "J.L. Borges: El Torno a su Vida y Trayectoria Literaria," at 21st annual convention of Middle Atlantic Council on Latin American Studies, April 7-8, Rochester, N.Y.

William W. Boyer, Charles Polk Messick Professor Emeritus of Public Administration, "The United States and Korea's Reunification," at Myong-Ji University, May 8; "The United States, Taiwan and China: Any Lessons for South Korea?" at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, May 12; "Reform of the United States Higher Civil Service," at Korea Research Institute for Local Administration, May 15, Seoul; and "Asian Influences on Public Administration in the West," at Honam University and Chonnam National University, May 10, Kwangju, Korea.

Herbert E. Allen, civil and environmental engineering, "The Importance of Metal Speciation in Environmental Assessment," at sixth international symposium on metal ions in biology and medicine, May 7-10, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and at 10th annual meeting of Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Europe and Third SETAC World Congress, May 21-25, Brighton, U.K.; with graduate student Yuefeng Lu, "Persistence of Metals and Meal Compounds in the Environment," at experts workshop review of PBT concepts and metals and metal compounds, Jan. 19, Arlington, Va.; with the late Andrew F. Kingery and graduate student Jennifer Saxe, "Environmental Fate of Alkyl Methyl Phosphonates Arising from Chemical Surety Material," at 219th meeting of American Chemical Society, March 26-30, San Francisco; with graduate student Christopher A. Impellitteri, a poster, "Predicting Partitioning of Cu and Zn in Soil Solution from Soil Parameters: Implications for Cu and Zn Phytoavailability," third prize, and with Saxe and Impellitteri, "Copper Bioavailability Model for Plants Using Soil Characteristics," second prize, at Hudson/Delaware chapter, Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry meeting, April 27-28, Stockton, N.J.

Michael Peterson, health and exercise sciences, "Diagnostic and Outcome Measurement Tools in Occupational Mental Health," at American College of Occupational Medicine conference, May 15, Philadelphia.

Breck L. Robinson, finance, participant in Bank Structure Conference, sponsored by Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, May 3-5, Chicago.

Papers by several University faculty members were presented at the 16th European Community Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference, May 1, Glasgow, Scotland: Brian E. McCandless and Robert W. Birkmire, Institute of Energy Conversion, "Diffusion in CdS/CdTe Thin-film Couples" and Roger Aparicio, Birkmire, Atul Pant, chemical engineering, Marylin Huff, chemical engineering and T.W. Fraser Russell, Allan P. Colburn Professor of Chemical Engineering, and Michael Mauk of AstroPower, "Process Analysis and Modeling of Thin Silicon Film Deposition by Hot-Wire Chemical Vapor Deposition."

G. Arno Loessner, urban affairs and public policy, spoke at the inauguration of a new office for the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, April.

Sheldon D. Pollack, accounting, "Tax Treatment of Environmental Transaction," a keynote speech, at IRS National Conference on Environmental Issues, May 23-25, Seattle.


Susan Strasser, history, received the Abel Wolman Award for best new book on public works history for her book, Waste and Want: A Social History of Trash.


G. Arno Loessner, urban affairs and public policy, serves as vice president and treasurer of Urban Age Institute, a nonprofit organization involved in urban education and research worldwide.


25 years

Ruth M. Hollett, Office of the Vice Provost for Research, June 16, 1975.

20 years

Sharon L. Hitchens, residential and conference facilities, June 9, 1980.

15 years

Michael J. Dimauro, chemistry and biochemistry, June 17, 1985.

Palaniappa Krishnan, food and resource economics, June 17, 1985.

Catherine M. McGinn, bookstore, June 17, 1985.

Paulette Scott, General Accounting, June 10, 1985.

Martin R. Spellman, entomology and applied ecology, June 10, 1985.

5 years

Marianne T. Johnson, admissions, June 19, 1995.


The article on faculty promotions in the last issue of UpDate contained several errors.

David Saunders and Adarshpal Sethi are in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences in the College of Arts and Science.

Bryant Tolles is a professor in history and art history, not history and art conservation.

Janet I. Hethorn, consumer studies, was promoted to associate professor with tenure, not to assistant professor with tenure.