College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment - University of Delaware
School of Marine Science and Policy

MAST 873 - Marine Policy Seminar

3:30  Robinson Hall 203

February 13 3:30   Prof. Corbett meets with enrolled students only
4:00   Cancelled due to Weather - Dr. Magdalena Muir-Visiting Scholar with the Center for Carbon-free Power Integration
and the Mangone Center for Marine Policy - short bio   
"The Future of the Changing Arctic Ocean: Economic, Environmental and Legal Implications"  abstract
February 20 Brandon Budenz - "Grid Storage" - abstract
February 27 No Class - SMSP Invitationa Seminar Series tomorrow
February 28 3:00  Robinson Hall 206 -Dr. Salvatore Arico, UNESCO - short bio
March 4 3:30  Lerner Hall 125 -  Dr. Yoichiro Sato - short bio
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University with policical science (host Professor Alice Ba)
March 6 No Class - See seminar on March 4
March 13 Lauren Knapp - "Great Lakes Offshore Wind Development: Willingness to Pay and Public Perceptions" - abstract
March 20 Alexis Martin - "The Centrality of Oceans and Seas for Sustainable Development:
The Road to an SDG on Oceans and Seas" - abstract
March 27 Adam Disque - "An evaluation of the US Coast Guard's domestic fishery enforcement strategy" - abstract
April 3 Spring Recess - No Class
April 10 No Class - SMSP Invitationa Seminar Series tomorrow
April 11 3:00   Robinson Hall 206 - Nancy Colleton - short bio
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies and IUCN
April 17 William Bessmer - Industrial Upcycling: Transforming Oil Rigs to Geothermal Power - abstract   
Chunjing Liu - Measuring Social Vulnerability of Chinese Coastal Counties to Natural Hazards - abstract    
April 24 Kathleen Harris
May 1 Emily Bryant and Lance Noel
May 8 Erica Wales and Yosef Shirazi
May 15 No Class - SMSP Invitationa Seminar Series tomorrow
May 16 3:00  Robinson Hall 206 - Professor James Sanchirico, UC Davis - short bio