What to expect at the Infant Language Project

What to Expect

We would like to invite you and your child to visit the University of Delaware to participate in the Infant Language Project. Our lab has studies for children starting at the age of 4 months and we run studies all year round.

Visits usually last around 30 minutes and you and your child always remain together. We typically spend a few minutes when you first arrive playing to help your child feel comfortable in the new environment. During this period, we describe the study your child will be participating in and answer any questions you might have. The studies themselves are quite brief as we have to accommodate to children’s short attention spans. Sometimes we record children’s eye movements while they watch a video. Sometimes we just play a game or ask you to interact with your child as we videotape.

We enjoy meeting families in the community, and the parents who participate in our studies enjoy the time they spend with us. We schedule appointments at various times throughout the week, and schedule your visit at a time that is convenient for you. Only one trip is necessary, although families often ask us when they can return!