Dr. Golinkoff has a long history of collaborating with graduate and undergraduate students from a variety of backgrounds and departments. Students who have worked in the lab have parlayed their experience into careers in Education, Speech and Language Pathology, Medicine, Computer Science, Foreign Languages, English, Neuroscience, and all branches of Psychology.

We frequently present papers at national and international conferences and welcome the participation of students at all levels in these projects. The wonderful thing about our lab is that we are a team, all working together on everyone's research.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduates have the opportunity to work at the lab for course credit as part of Dr. Golinkoff's Language Acquisition class (EDUC/PSYC/LING 462) or for independent study in any of the three departments in which Dr. Golinkoff holds an appointment (Education, Psychology, Linguistics). In some circumstances, students can also volunteer in the lab.

Working in the lab is a great way to see research in action. It is a chance to learn how studies are created and run. Undergraduate research is also a wonderful experience for students to have under their belts when they apply for jobs or graduate school.

Graduate Students

Dr. Golinkoff is always eager to welcome new graduate students to her lab. If you have any questions about applying to the University of Delaware's doctoral programs please see either the Education, Linguistics and Cognitive Science, or Psychology department websites. Also, feel free to email Dr. Golinkoff directly.

For more information:

If you are interested in exploring developmental or language research by working at the Infant Language Project, please email Dr. Golinkoff or call at (302) 831-1634. If you would like a lab tour, please make an appointment with the laboratory coordinator at (302) 831-2073, or send us an email.

Opportunities at the Infant Language Project