Reaction paper - due Sept. 8 and Oct. 25

A reaction paper is a short, informal paper in which you reflect on the assigned readings in some way. What you write about is up to you, but it has to involve thinking about and reacting to the readings. It does not have to have a introduction, body, and conclusion like a regular essay. Instead, it is kind of a sketch of what your are thinking about. This is openended but some possible ways of approaching this kind of paper are:
  • What interested you in these readings? why?
  • What was confusing to you?
  • If you were going to have a personal conversation with these writers, what would you like to ask them?
  • What do you think they would say if they visited UD today?
  • How do the readings connect to other issues we have been discussing--or not?

All papers should conform to the following specifications:
250-500 words long (1-2 solid pages)
and stapled.
Margins should be 1" to 1-1/4". The header on the first page should include (1) your name, (2) the date, and (3) the course name and number. Your paper should also have (4) a title. Papers are due at the beginning of class.

The tone of the papers may be informal, but they should not be sloppy or riddled with typographical errors.

Grading: The grading system for the reaction papers is informal too. I would prefer you just to think freely about the material than to worry about getting a good grade. Most of your papers will be marked with a check mark, which means you did fine. Exceptional or outstanding papers will get an "E." Papers that don't engage the reading at all or completely miss the assignment will get an "I" (for Inadequate).