History 206 Paper 1

The year is 1900, and the editor of a general interest magazine has asked you to write a short article on the subject of freedom. More specifically, he asks you: in what ways, or for whom, has freedom expanded over the last thirty years?

Please write a five-page paper that responds to this question, basing your answer on the online documents we have read for class in the previous two weeks. Information covered in the textbook and in lecture will provide the context for your claims. The best papers will not only show strong evidence to support their arguments; they will also acknowledge and address evidence that conflicts with or complicates their main thesis.

Papers are due in lecture. They should be double spaced, with page numbers and stapled. Your paper should also have a title; it should have margins of 1" to 1-1/4"; and it should be proofread.

Citations to the online sources should be as complete as possible, based on the information accompanying each one. For example, a reference to the cartoon "The American Frankenstein" can be cited thus:
Frank Bellew, "The American Frankenstein," New York Daily Graphic, April 14, 1874.

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