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Special Programs

The University of Delaware-Hagley Program

The University of Delaware-Hagley Program's focus is the history of industrialization, broadly defined. Students study social, labor, business, cultural, and economic history and the history of technology. In addition to fulfilling all History Department requirements, Hagley fellows must also fulfill the requirements detailed in the University of Delaware-Hagley Program Guidelines.

Prospective students with interests in the history of industrialization, technology, business, political economy, labor, consumption, or the environment may apply for fellowships in The University of Delaware-Hagley Program. The Program offers training in the history of technology, consumption and work and the comparative industrialization of societies around the world. Students in the program are encouraged to make use of the extensive facilities of the Hagley Museum and Library located on the site of the original du Pont powder mills on the Brandywine River north of Wilmington, Delaware. Hagley's library contains one of the finest imprint and manuscript collections on the history of technology and the history of business in the United States.

History of American Civilization

In cooperation with the Winterthur Museum, with its extensive collection of American decorative arts, the Department of History offers a Ph.D. program in the History of American Civilization. Based on the multidisciplinary study of American social and cultural history, the Program is distinguished by its emphasis on American material culture.

Museum Studies

An M.A. or Ph.D. candidate from any of the History graduate programs may qualify for a certificate in Museum Studies upon satisfactory completion of twelve credits in the Museum Studies Program. The University of Delaware is a recognized leader in education for museum careers; its graduates now staff scores of museums across the country.

M.A. with an Education Option

The Department offers a Master's degree option for students who hold an undergraduate degree in History and who wish to obtain teaching certification along with an M.A. in History. Students pursuing this option must, in addition to fulfilling the normal requirements for a History M.A., meet the professional education requirements for certification and complete student teaching. Specific information is available in the History Graduate Studies Office.

Access to Special Resources

Students who do not seek admission to The University of Delaware-Hagley or American Civilization programs may still take the courses that these programs feature and use the libraries and other facilities of Hagley and Winterthur. All History programs are enriched by the University's affiliation with the Hagley and Winterthur museums and by the proximity of museums and archival collections nearby in the mid-Atlantic region.

Courses in historical editing, archaeology, archival management, and visual approaches to history are offered on a regular basis.