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Senior Survey

To graduating seniors: Take a few minutes to answer this questionnaire about your experience with the History Department and to suggest how the major could be improved.


The History Curriculum
How satisfactory was the choice of History courses? Are there major topics or areas that you believe are lacking in the curriculum?
Which factors were the most important in your selection of history courses (for example: instructor, topic, time, requirements, availability, etc.)?
Were you usually able to get in the courses you wanted?


Do you prefer to have HIST268 and HIST4xx seminars offered once a week in three-hour blocks or twice a week in 1h15m blocks?
The History Major
What is your opinion of the History major's requirements?
In your opinion, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the History major? What changes would you like to see made to the History major? More, fewer, different emphases?
In your opinion, what are the valuable learning skills you have acquired through the course work for your major? What areas or kinds of learning should be emphasized in the major that are not adequately covered at present?
Did you find the History program sufficiently challenging? Would you take more History credits if required? If an "advanced history" program were offered, would you consider enrolling in it?
Did your History 268 seminar succeed in introducing you to the skills needed for the study and writing of history?
Were there any particular courses that helped you to improve your writing and/or verbal skills?
How well did the advising system help you to choose your courses and complete your degree in a timely fashion?
How often did you consult a history department advisor?
How could advising be improved?
Information for Our Benefit
What do you intend to do with your major? Do you already have a job offer?
Do you have an further suggestions as to how we can improve the major?