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Courses Qualifying for Non-Western History Requirement

HIST 130 Islamic Near East: 600-1500
HIST 131 Islamic Near East: 1500 to the Present
HIST 134 History of Africa
HIST 135 Introduction to Latin American History 
HIST 137 East Asian Civilization: China
HIST 138 East Asian Civilization: Japan 
HIST 270 History of Modern Asia
HIST 330 Peasants and Revolutions in Africa
HIST 331 History of the Caribbean I
HIST 332 History of the Caribbean II
HIST 336 Topics in Latin American History
HIST 349 Modern Latin America, 1800-present
HIST 365 Topics in East Asian Studies
HIST 368 Modern China: 1600-1920s
HIST 339 China Since 1900
HIST 370 History of Modern Japan
HIST 371 Postwar Japan
HIST 372 Popular Culture In Urban Japan
HIST 377 Radicalism and Revolution: Islamic Movements in the Modern Middle East
HIST 378 Nationalism in the Modern Middle East
HIST 380 History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
HIST 393 History of Modern Vietnam
HIST 394 Africa Since 1960
HIST 395 Pan Africanism
HIST 397 History of South Africa
HIST 430 Seminar: 20th-Century Latin American Revolutions
HIST 431 Caribbean Plantation Society and Economy
HIST 432 Post Emancipation Caribbean Societies
HIST 439 Women and Revolutions in Africa
HIST 440 Seminar: Africa Under Colonial Rule
HIST 444 Seminar: Women in the Islamic Middle East
HIST 477 Seminar: Latin American History
HIST 479 Seminar: African History
HIST 480 Seminar: World History