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2012 Honors Banquet

Special Recognition, Presented by Dr. John Hurt

Phi Beta Kappa: Michael Brophy

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Essay Prize: Carolyn Clark, for, “A Prairie Migration Story: When the Strange Became Familiar,” HIST 468 (Undergraduate Research), Professor Anne Boylan

Edward H. Rosenberry Undergraduate Writing Award – Jenifer Ferris, “Margaret Sanger: A Pragmatic Crusader for Contraception,” Hist 387 (History of Sexuality), Professor Rebecca Davis

Phi Alpha Theta Officers: Brenna James (President), Elizabeth Butterlee (Public Relations), Steve Jones (Historian)

Honors Degrees, Presented by Dr. John Montaño

Honors Degrees: Andrew Berni, Elizabeth Butterly, Lauren Corcoran, Margaret Lee, Brendan Ricci, Steven Talay, Ryan Vallery, Scott Wissocki

Honors Degree with Distinction: T. Martin

History/ Social Studies Education Awards, Presented by Dr. Barry Joyce and Dr. Hannah Kim

Delta Kappa Gamma Awards: Julia Coleman (Senior), Jennifer Ferris (Junior)

Secondary Education Award for Educational Promise: Allison Gerni

Center for Secondary Education, Outstanding Student Teaching Award: Alexandra Roberts, Caitlynn Coster, Lindsay Tietze, Lindsey Melvin

Ryan O’Hara History Award, Presented by Barbara and Terry O’Hara. This is awarded to a History Education major who shows dedication to the program, who is respected by other students and department faculty, and shows overall spirit to UD education: John Viotto

Ryan O'Hara History Award
Ryan O'Hara History Award
From left to right: Barbara O'Hara, John Viotto, Terry O'Hara

Alumni Undergraduate Award for History Education, (for Outstanding Student Teacher Overall): Brittany Kalchman

Willard Allen Fletcher Prize. This is a monetary award given to a history education major in honor of former department chair Willard Allen Fletcher. The prize is awarded for a student research paper that exhibits quality work that evidences an authenticity of research and integrity in presentation and documentation: Margaret Gammie, “Entrenched in Religious Nationalism: The Church of England During World War I,” HIST 268 (World War I), Professor John Berstein

Most Effective Lesson Planning: Brittany Kalchman, Scott Wissocki

Effective and Innovative Lesson Activities: Lindsay Tietze, Julia Coleman

Exceptional Overall Learning Environment: Lindsey Melvin, Patrick Mulshnock

University of Delaware Social Studies Teacher of the Year Award: Christopher McLean, Conrad School of the Sciences

Teacher of the Year

Social Studies Teacher of the Year Award
From left to right: Christopher McLean and Dr. Barry Joyce

Undergraduate Awards, Presented by Dr. John Hurt and Dr. Jesus Cruz

Alumni Undergraduate Award in History. Awarded to Junior or Senior History majors with the highest history gpa and an overall gpa of 3.5 and above: Margaret Gammie

Berwyn Fragner Memorial Award. Awarded to a returning student on the basis of academic merit: Ian Lawrence; Elizabeth Toussaint

Eve Clift Memorial Award. Awarded to outstanding senior history majors in memory of Professor Eve Clift, Ancient Historian of the department: Michael Brophy, Andrew Berni

Thomas J. Craven Prize. Awarded for the best essays by undergraduates on American political or constitutional history, broadly interpreted, or Delaware History: Matthew McFadden, Thomas Miller, Caprice Torrance

William E. Meakin Memorial Award. Awarded in memory of William Meakin to a history major who meets the scholarship criteria of academic performance and who has a distinguished record of community service: Abigail Kirstein, Michael Fink

Stewart Internship. Awarded to an undergraduate for summer employment at a Delaware historical agency: Jacquelyn Peck

William H. Williams Award. Awarded to history majors who demonstrate outstanding scholarship focusing on Colonial America to 1865: Amanda Kee

Graduate Awards, Presented by Dr. John Hurt and Dr. Arwen Mohun

Alumni Award for Best Printed Article or Seminar Paper by a graduate student that was completed in the spring or fall semesters, 2011: Alyce Graham

Colonial Dames Award: Toni Pitock

John A. Munroe Memorial Award. Awarded to a graduate student who has excelled in developing and teaching his or her own course: Kevin Barry

Stanley J. & Marion Goldfus Memorial Award. Awarded for best Teaching Assistant during spring or fall semesters, 2011. Jeffery Appelhans, Toni Pitock

Graduate Awards

Graduate Student Awards
From left to right: Alyce Graham, Toni Pitock, Kevin Barry, Jeff Appelhans