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GEOG670 Geo Info Systems and Science (3)

Choose one Track  to complete 9 additional credits.

4 courses from Practical Skills (4)
2 credits from Application Development (2)
1 course from Applied GIS (3)

3 courses from Applied GIS (9)

1 course from Practical Skills (1)
5 credits from Application Development (5)
1 course from Applied GIS (3)

Practical Skills courses provide fundamental technical skills for understanding the framework of GIS (e.g., Using ArcGIS and Open Source GIS, Developing Geoprocessing  models). The Analyst track allows for advanced spatial analysis  understanding in the student’s area of interest (e.g., Remote Sensing of the Environment, GIS in Public Policy, Spatial Analysis).  The third track – Developer is geared towards developing computing skills to build web based applications and programming capabilities to automate processing and creating new tools and models (e.g., Object Oriented Programming using Java, MatLab for Engineers, Using Python in a GIS Framework).


INFORMATION.  On the Web: Questions may also be directed to Tracy DeLiberty, Director of the GIS Certificate Program at 209 Pearson Hall or  General inquiries and attempts to find a GIS advisor may be directed to the Geography department at (302) 831–2294, or in 216 Pearson Hall.