Dr. Pencil Careers videl

Dr. Pencil
by Angie Hoseth

Careers in Geography, Enviro. Science and more
by Colleen Leithren

Museum Studies
by Tracy Jentzch

Bowers 5K Run
by Christopher Trejo
Steve Sidebotham

Investigating Vapor Intrusion
by Angie Hoseth

Roller Derby Girls
by Samantha Penn

Hot Diggity Dog: The Bennie Dollard Story
by Michael Curran and Langley Bowers, 2008

UD History Department Faculty Profile:
Steven Sidebotham
by Angie Hoseth 
Vast lab community remains
Dark Arts
by Danielle

Vast Lab
by Colleen Leithren
and Steve Rock

by Samantha Penn

Chrysler Story: A Community Remains
by the GEOG467/667

Rory Delaware Health    

by Joe Duszak
and Samantha Penn

"Delaware Geography - Health Initiative" with
Peter Rees
by Abby Hall
video of careers in Geography and more Museum video