Geog 474
Introduction to Environmental Remote Sensing

Fall 2006

TOPIC, Readings*
Week 1
     Aug 30,Sep 1 
 Introduction to the Course
 Remote Sensing Process, Ch1
Week 2
     Sep 6
     Sep 8
 (cont.) Remote Sensing Process

 History and development of remote sensing
Week 3
     Sep 11,13,15 
Electromagnetic energy, and radiometric principles, Ch2 
     Sep 18,20,22 
 Energy interactions in the atmosphere and at the surface, Ch2

Week 5
   Sep 25,27,29
 Aerial Photography, Ch3-4
 Elements of Visual Image Interpretation,
 Photogrammetry, Ch6
Week 6
   Oct  2,4,6
 Introduction to Satellite Orbits and Programs, Ch 7-10
 Multispectral Remote Sensing, Ch7
Thermal Remote Sensing, Ch8
Week 7
   Oct 9,11,13
  Microwave Remote Sensing,Ch9
Lidar Remote Sensing, Ch10
Week 8
   Oct  16,18,20
  Digital image data collection
Image processing system considerations
  Initial statistics extraction
  Digital scientific visualizatization
Week 9
   Oct  23,25,27
Image Preprocessing:  Radiometric Correction
Week 10
   Oct  30, Nov 1
   Nov 3
 Image Preprocessing: Geometric correction
Week 11
   Nov 6,8,10
 Image Enhancement:  Contrast enhancment, Spatial filtering, Fourier transform
Week 12
   Nov 13,15,17
 Thematic Information Extraction:  Image classification 
Week 13
   Nov 20,22
   Nov 23-26
 Digital Change Detection

  ** Thanksgiving Break **
Week 14
   Nov 27,29
    Dec 1
 Overview of Remote Sensing of Vegetation, Water , Urban, Land Surface
Ch11-14,  Selection of Remote Sensing Articles
 Remote Sensing Article Discussion 1
Week 15
   Dec 4
   Dec 6
 Remote Sensing Article Discussion 2
 ** Last Day of Classes **
Week 16
  Dec 8-14
 ** FINALS **
* Additional readings will be assigned as the semester progresses to complement Jensen's textbook and provide examples of applications in environmental analysis of digital remote sensing data.

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