Our Mission

The CCLC is an interdisciplinary research center designed to foster collaboration between the large number of Earth scientists at the University of Delaware who focus on climate and/or land surface processes.  The center emphasizes the role of water, snow, and ice both in terms of the atmosphere and the terrestrial landscape. The researchers associated with the center focus on topics ranging precipitation and precipitation measurement, through the complete hydrologic cycle of evapotranspiration, cloud physics, and runoff processes. Many of our researchers provide specific expertise  in the cryospheric processes of permafrost, sea ice, glaciers, and snow.

Academic Setting

The Center is organized to allow faculty and students to cooperate effectively across departmental boundaries, sharing technologies and resources, thus strengthening the interdisciplinary aspects of research. The Center has an active group of adjunct faculty directly concerned with activities of the Center from the departments of geography, geological sciences, civil and environmental engineering, and plant and soil sciences. There is a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary, mutually supportive opportunities for learning and research. 

Graduate Programs

One of the goals of the CCLC is to provide graduate students with interdisciplinary research projects. Graduate committees are often comprised of faculty from several different colleges and programs. Thus, the academic program associated with the center are coordinated with affiliated graduate departments. Students interested in doing research through the Center should apply through the traditional college/department of their choice (below)

Degree programs

M.S. in Geography

Ph.D. in Climatology

Ph.D. in Earth Surface Processes

M.S., Ph.D. in Geological Sci.

M.S., Ph.D. in Plant & Soil Sci.

M.S., Ph.D. in Civil and Env.


Contact Information

Interim Directors:

Dr. Cort Willmott

Dr. Michael A. O’Neal

125 Academy Street, Room #216
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716
Phone: 302-831-8273
Fax: 302-831-8273

In the winter of 2008, the Department of Geography voted to rename the Center for Climatic Research to the Center for Climate and Land-Surface Change (CCLC). This name change and ongoing restructuring complement the newly developed Ph.D. in Geography, which now includes tracks in both Climatology and Land-Surface Processes. These changes are indicative of the University’s broadening  interdisciplinary research goals and serve to meet the needs of a variety of faculty, staff, and students in diverse departments.

As we move forward, the primary goal of the new center is to promote  interdisciplinary research that will bring together scientists and technology to foster research on the global environment.