Section: Safety and Security
Policy Number: 7-25
Policy Name: Policy for Use of Pipettes
Date: May 5, 1982
Revisions: April 1, 1996


    To establish a policy for use of pipettes.


    A variety of hazardous material are used in University laboratories, both for teaching and for research, and student, faculty, and staff exposure to such material should be kept at a minimum. Oral pipetting -- suction by mouth or blowing through pipettes -- is one of the most common means of exposure to hazardous materials. Oral pipetting, including oral pipetting for the purpose of starting siphons, is strictly prohibited at the University. Pipetting shall be done with a mechanical pipetting or siphoning device.

    Requests for exemption shall be submitted in writing to the Department of Environmental Health and Safety for Review.

Submitted by: Environmental Health and Safety