Section: Personnel
Policy Number: 4-75
Date: April 2000
Revisions: July 1, 2007, July 1, 2008


The University provides health insurance programs through Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Delaware (BCBSD) and Aetna. Full-time and part-time employees, as well as temporary employees in their first year of service and visiting classifications are eligible for this benefit. Health Insurance options include two PPO (preferred provider organization) plans (First State Basic and Comprehensive PPO) and two managed care plans (BlueCARE and Aetna). See the Comparison of University Health Care Plans.

Employees must apply for medical insurance during the first 30 days of employment with coverage usually effective the first of the following month. If employees do NOT apply within this time frame, they must wait to apply until the flexible benefits May enrollment period for coverage effective July 1. However, benefits can be changed immediately if an employee experiences a "life event" (such as marriage, divorce, birth of child, death of spouse, etc.).

The University funds a large portion of health insurance costs for eligible employees. Presently the UD contribution is the First State Basic Plan rate (a BCBSD program). This means that if a full-time employee selects any First State Basic Plan--either Individual Only, Individual & Child, Individual & Spouse or Family--there is no cost to the full-time employee. On the other hand, if a higher level of coverage is chosen, the employee pays the difference between the First State Basic Plan (paid by the University) and the option selected. Part-time employees who work less than 75% time (and 50% or more) receive a pro-rated University contribution which is applied to the cost of the option selected.

Should an employee separate from the University, he or she may continue membership by paying premiums directly to the Insurance Carrier (under COBRA regulations) or by transferring coverage to another employer.


Employee completes health care application and certification of spousal coverage, if appropriate, within 30 days of hire date.

For more information see the HR-Benefits web page.

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