Section: Personnel
Policy Number: 4-63
Policy Name: Benefits Eligibility
Date: April 2000
Revisions: July 2005; July 2007; September 2010

The table below shows eligibility requirements for University benefits. It applies to regular full-time and part-time employees with a work schedules of 50% time or more. All "Visiting" personnel classifications, such as Visiting Faculty and Visiting Professionals are eligible for "CORE" benefits* regardless of length of service.

*CORE benefits are:

  1. Health Care (Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna)
  2. Dental Expense Assistance Plan
  3. Vision
  4. Course Fee Waiver
  5. University ID Card Privileges

Note: University contributions are pro-rated for part-time employees who work less than 75% time, unless otherwise indicated.

Blood Bank Yes Yes
Death Benefit Supplement Yes Yes
Dental Assistance Program Yes Yes
Disability Insurance Yes Yes
Educational Benefits
Cooperative Tuition Exchange Program
Yes No
Educational Benefits
Course Fee Waiver
Yes Yes(2)
Educational Benefits
Delaware Student Fee Privilege
Yes No
Educational Benefits
Tuition Exchange Program
Yes No
Educational Benefits
Tuition Remission Program
Yes Yes(2)
Group Life Insurance Yes Yes
Group Long-term Care Insurance Yes Yes
Health Care Insurance 
(BCBSD First State Basic, Comprehensive PPO, BlueCARE, and Aetna)
Yes Yes
Retirement Programs
TIAA-CREF and Fidelity Investments &
Voluntary Retirement Programs (3) (5)
Yes Yes
Retirement Programs
Social Security (FICA)
Yes Yes
Retirement Programs
State Pension Retirement Plan (4)
Yes Yes
Unemployment Compensation Insurance Yes Yes
Vision Yes Yes
Wellness Benefit Yes, $75/yr Yes, $38/yr
Worker's Compensation Yes Yes
  1. Core benefits include

    • Health Care (Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna)
    • Dental Expense Assistance Plan
    • Course Fee Waiver
    • University ID Card Privileges
  2. University provides one-half the full-time benefit.

  3. Primary Retirement plan for Faculty and Professional Staff. Voluntary Programs (SRAs and Fidelity Investments) are available for all benefit-eligible employees.

  4. Primary Retirement Plan for Salaried and Hourly Staff.

  5. Visiting Faculty and Visiting Professionals may participate in the Voluntary 403(b) Retirement Plan.

Submitted by: Office of Human Resources-Benefits