Section: Personnel
Policy Number: 4-60
Policy Name: Professional and Salaried Staff Vacation
Date: August 1998


Full-time professional and salaried staff employees earn vacation at a rate of 1.83 days per month (22 days per year). Part-time employees will earn vacation in proportion to the percentage of time worked. An employee may begin using earned vacation after three months of employment at times mutually agreeable to the supervisor and employee. Vacation may be used as it is earned and cannot be advanced. At any given time, employees may not accumulate vacation days beyond the maximum allowable days as indicated in the following schedule:

Maximum Allowable Years of Service Vacation Accumulation
Date of hire through completion of 5 years of service 25 days
Beginning of 6th year through completion of 10 years of service 30 days
Beginning of 11th year through completion of 20 years of service 35 days 
More than 20 years 40 days 

Vacation accrual is credited for any month in which an employee is on paid status for at least one-half the scheduled work days.

An employee may not receive pay in lieu of vacation unless employment terminates with unused vacation.

It is the department's responsibility to maintain accurate vacation records.

Vacation Leave Calculation Example for a Part-time Employee

Part-time employees will earn vacation in proportion to the percentage of time worked. Here's the calculations for a 20-hour-per-week employee in regards to vacation leave accrual:

A twenty-hour-per-week employee will receive 53.3% of the vacation leave accrued by a full-time employee (37.5 hours divided by 20 hours = 53.3%. NOTE: It is recommended that vacation leave be converted to hours for part-time employees.

Twenty-two vacation (7.5 hour) days X 53.3% = 11.7 vacation (7.5 hour) days = 88* hours vacation per year.

Eighty-eight hours of vacation leave is accrued at 7.3 hours per month or 1.83 days (4-hour days) per month.

* Calculations are rounded as appropriate

Submitted by: Labor Relations