Section: Personnel
Policy Number: 4-51
Policy Name: Professional and Salaried Staff Leaves of Absence Without Pay
Date: 1997


Leaves of absence are granted by the University to protect employment and certain benefits. A personal leave of absence without pay may be granted providing prior approval is obtained. Employees should utilize their earned vacation before requesting leaves of absence without pay.

The following conditions will apply:

  • Periods of fifteen working days or less may be granted by the supervisor.

  • The Vice President for Administration must approve leaves without pay of more than 15 days.

  • Only in extenuating circumstances can a personal leave of absence without pay exceed three months and in no case can it exceed a period of one year.

Employees granted leaves of absence without pay will be permitted to continue health care, dental, and blood bank benefits at their own expense for the duration of the leave period. If the leave is for educational or research purposes, group life and total disability insurances may also continue during the leave. If the leave is not for education or research, group life insurance may be continued for three months after which time the conversion option is available. Total disability does not continue during the leave without pay. Disability insurance ceases until the employee returns to active, paid status, and in no case are retirement plan contributions made while employees are in unpaid status. Employees may reinstate discontinued benefits as early as the first of the month following their return to work provided that they apply to the Benefits Office within thirty days of their return.



  1. Requests leave of absence, in writing, from supervisor.

  2. Consults with the Benefits Office concerning continuation of insurances.

  3. Makes premium payments to the Benefits Office and, if appropriate, to the insurance carrier if a conversion of life insurance occurs.


  1. If leave is 15 days or less, approves or disapproves leave request.

  2. If leave is more than 15 working days, forwards leave request to Vice President for Administration and processes Personnel Action Form (PAF) if leave is approved.

Submitted by: Labor Relations