Section: Personnel
Policy Number: 4-48
Policy Name: Worker's Compensation
Date: January 2000 (Reviewed)
Revisions: June 5, 2003


    To assure that all compensated University employees are protected for any occupational injury or illness.


    All compensated employees of the University are protected by Worker's Compensation Insurance for any occupational injury or illness. (Compensation may include payment or other forms of compensation, for example room and board.) This protection covers prescribed medical treatment and hospitalization, if necessary. When lost time occurs as a result of covered illness or injury, an employee will receive up to her/his full regular salary as long as sick leave is available. The employee may also elect to use vacation leave to continue to receive her/his full salary. The employee will retain any benefits paid by the insurance carrier while the employee is receiving her/his full salary. If disability should continue after sick and vacation leave has been exhausted, the employee will receive lost-time benefit payments directly from the University's insurance carrier. If sick and vacation leave has been exhausted, the supervisor processes the change in the Personnel Action Form indicating which days are paid sick leave and which are without pay.

    The University may, at its option, designate Worker's Compensation Leave as Family Medical Leave, if appropriate.

    The University is committed to providing each employee with a safe and healthful environment in which to work. If any job-related injury or illness is incurred, it is imperative that the supervisor be notified immediately.



    Promptly reports any job-related sickness or injury to the supervisor.


    Investigates the circumstances and submits the Employer's Report of Occupational Injury or Disease form to the Worker's Comp./Labor Relations Office, 413 Academy Street, Room 256, within 24 hours of the date of the injury/illness. Forms and additional information are available from the Worker's Comp./Labor Relations Office (Ext. 8305).

Submitted by: Labor Relations