Section: Personnel
Policy Number: 4-35
Policy Name: Drug-Free Workplace
Date: August 1996


    It is the policy of the University of Delaware to take reasonable measures to ensure that drug use by employees does not jeopardize the safety of the University community, employees, and students or adversely affect operations of the University.


    1. The details of this policy include:

      1. The use, possession, sale or distribution of illegal drugs or other controlled substances for non-medical or non-research reasons are prohibited at the University.

      2. The unauthorized presence of illegal drugs or other controlled substances in the body is prohibited at the University.

      3. Employees must notify the University of any drug conviction resulting from violation at the workplace no later than five days after such conviction.

      4. Employees, as a condition of employment, must abide by the terms of this policy. Any employee found in violation of the above policies will be sanctioned and/or required to participate in the University's Faculty/Staff Assistance Program (FSAP). The University will continue to maintain a drug- free workplace through implementation of the provisions of this policy and the maintenance of a drug-free awareness program.


      1. The University of Delaware has established a drug-free awareness program to inform employees about:

        1. the dangers of drug abuse in the workplace through training provided by the Faculty/Staff Assistance Program (FSAP);

        2. the University's policy of maintaining a drug-free workplace through distribution of the policy to all employees;

        3. the availability of drug counseling, rehabilitation and employee assistance programs to help employees whose work performance has been hindered by substance abuse.

The University will make a good faith effort to continue to maintain a drug-free workplace through implementation of the above program.

Submitted by: Labor Relations