Section: Personnel
Policy Number: 4-31
Policy Name: Exempt and Non-exempt Sick Leave
Date: August 1998; October, 2013


    Earned sick leave may be granted for illness or injury sustained by the employee or immediate family member in accordance with the following policy:


    1. Availability:

      Sick leave may be used for covered illness or injury.

    2. Accrual:

      Full-time employees shall earn sick leave up to a maximum of 18 days per year. Part-time employees shall earn sick leave at a rate proportional to the percentage of time they work. For example, an employee working 67 percent time earns one day per month (1.5 x .67 = 1.0 day). Sick leave accrual for any month is credited if an employee is on paid status for at least one-half the normal scheduled work days for that month. Sick leave shall accrue to a maximum of 120 days (accrual is prorated for part-time employees). In those cases where an individual's absence exceeds earned sick leave, the Dean or Vice President may recommend to the Chief Human Resources Officer an additional period of sick leave.

    3. Utilization:

      Earned sick leave up to 15 continuous days shall be authorized by the immediate supervisor. Approval beyond 15 days must be obtained from the unit administrator. The University reserves the right to require a doctor's certificate at any time.

      Up to six (6) days of earned sick leave may be used in any twelve-month period to provide direct care for an eligible family member physically unable to provide for him or herself due to illness or injury. Eligible family members include a spouse (as defined by law), dependent parent, or child.

      The employee is responsible for notifying the supervisor promptly of any absence due to illness or injury and for keeping the supervisor informed of the probable return date.

      Time off for routine appointments with a physician, hospital or other medical professional service is charged to sick leave provided the employee does not make up the time.

      If illness or injury is occupationally incurred, supervisor ensures that "Employer's Report of Occupational Injury or Disease" form is submitted to the Worker's Comp./Labor Relations office within 24 hours.

      An employee who does not use any sick leave for 12 consecutive months will be credited with one additional day of vacation. It is the responsibility of the appropriate administrative unit to maintain accurate sick leave records.

Sick Leave Calculation Example for a Part-time Employee

Part-time employees will earn sick leave in proportion to the percentage of time worked. The calculations for a 20-hour-per-week employee in regards to sick leave accrual is shown below:

A twenty-hour-per-week employee will receive 53.3% of the sick leave accrued by a full-time employee (37.5 hours divided by 20 hours = 53.3%. NOTE: It is recommended that sick leave be converted to hours for part-time employees).

Eighteen sick leave (7.5 hours) days X 53.3% = 9.6* sick leave (7.5 hours) days = 72 hours sick leave per year.

Seventy-two hours of sick leave is accrued at 6.0 hours per month or 1.5 days (4-hour days) per month.

* Calculations are rounded as appropriate

Submitted by: Labor Relations