Section: Personnel
Policy Number: 4-25
Date: 1997


Full-time salaried staff employees may request additional time off during periods when their departments have indicated such time off would not be disruptive to the staffing, workload, or vacation planning within the unit. Such requests may be processed as a Personal Leave of Absence without pay or as a Reduced Appointment for a specified period. Employees should utilize their earned vacation prior to requesting consideration for the above.

Written requests by salaried staff employees for a reduced appointment may be considered in the form of a reduction from 37-1/2 hours per week to 20 hours per week only. The days and number of hours each day to be worked by employees on reduced appointments are to be mutually agreed upon by the supervisor and the employee prior to processing the reduced appointment. In no case will workdays of over eight (8) hours be permitted. Further, this procedure should coincide with the semi-monthly payroll to simplify payroll and employee benefits procedures. To process the reduced appointment, the unit administrator should forward a Personnel Action form to their dean or vice president for approval.

Employees who receive approved leaves of absences or reduced appointments should consult with the Benefits Office to assure their employee benefits are administered in accordance with their desires and University policy.

Submitted by: Labor Relations