Section: Personnel
Policy Number: 4-14
Policy Name: UD#1 CARDS (University ID Cards)
Date: September 7, 1999; October 19, 2009


    To specify the purpose, issuance, and cancellation of UD#1 cards.


    1. All employees are issued UD#1 CARDS that entitle them to the use or rights and privileges extended to cardholders. All employee UD#1 CARDS are authorized by the HR Systems Administration Office (HRSA) and issued by the UD#1 CARD Office.

    2. The following personnel classes are eligible for UD#1 CARDS:

      200 - Administration
      202 - Full-time professional
      203 - Part-time professional
      205 - Off-campus professionals
      208 - Post Doctorate
      209 - Post-Doctorate
      210 - Department Chairs
      211 - Full-time faculty
      212 - Part-time faculty
      215 - Off-campus faculty
      216 - Academic Center Directors
      217 - Visiting faculty
      218 - Visiting Professionals
      219 - Adjuncts
      230 - Full-time salaried staff
      231 - AFSCME #439
      233 - Other hourly
      234 - AFSCME #3472
      235 - Full-time salaried Staff - 40 hours
      236 - Part-time salaried staff
      239 - Part-time salaried staff - based on 40 hours
      263 - Resident assistant
      270 - Limited Term Researcher
      271 - Part-time Limited Term Researcher
      272 - Post Doctoral Researcher
      273 - Part-time Post Doctoral Researcher
      311 - Emeritus faculty

    3. University affiliate UD#1 CARDS are available to those persons who are part of the University community but who are not regular University employees. This group may include Military Sciences, consulting physicians, Beneficial Insect Lab, consultants, visiting scholars, Credit Union, and research interns. Other affiliate cards may be approved by HRSA on an individual basis.

    4. The spouse of a University faculty, professional or salaried staff member is eligible for a University ID card. Cards may be obtained by visiting the Student Services Building during normal business hours. Both parties must be present and must show a valid ID with photo (e.g. the University employee- his or her UD card; spouse - a valid driver's license).

    5. The UD#1 CARD is the property of the University of Delaware and becomes void when employment ceases.

    6. All employees must return the UD#1 CARD to PRO when employment terminates. All spouse UD#1 CARDS must also be returned to PRO.

    7. The UD#1 CARD is not transferable.

    8. Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately to the UD#1 CARD Office.