Section: Personnel
Policy Number: 4-13
Policy Name: Privileges for Retired Employees
Date: September 7, 1999


    To establish the privileges extended to retired faculty, professional, salaried and hourly staff employees.


    1. Privileges Extended To All Retired Employees

      In recognition of the services performed by faculty, professional, salaried and hourly staff employees who retire from the University, they shall be extended the following privileges:

      • Admission to athletic events at employee rates
      • Use of the Bookstore
      • Use of the Library, including borrowing privileges
      • Use of recreational facilities
      • Gold parking permit upon request at no charge

      Names of all retired employees will be placed on appropriate mailing lists to receive the Update, the University of Delaware Magazine, Cultural Calendar, reprints of speeches, and the Annual Report of the President.

      The widow or widower of a deceased or retired employee shall be given an ID card and shall receive the same privileges and publications. (Gold parking permit is available at no charge only if widow or widower has no individual affiliation with University.)

    2. Additional Privileges Extended to Faculty

      Upon retirement the title of "emeritus" may be granted to full-time members of the teaching faculty in their highest earned academic rank upon recommendation of the dean of the college and the approval of the Provost. The names of emeritus faculty are carried in the University telephone directory and catalog. In addition, they are invited to all convocations and formal exercises and continue to have faculty privileges at the University library.

    3. Procedural Details for Coordination of Privileges

      1. The HR Systems Administration Office will compile an annual list of faculty and professional retirees to be included in the April docket.

      2. The HR Systems Administration Office will furnish a list of all retirees to the directors of University Relations, Information Services, University Publications, Athletics, and the Office of the President.

        1. The Director of Information Services will add the retirees to the mailing lists for the Update, the University of Delaware Magazine, and the Annual Report of the President.

        2. The Director of University Publications will add the names of emeritus faculty to the University catalog and of emeritus graduate faculty to the graduate catalog.

        3. The Director of Athletics will use the list to confirm the status of persons requesting seasonal football tickets at employee rates.

      3. Departments, Colleges, and University offices will be asked to report deaths of retired faculty and professional members to the HR Systems Administration Office. A memorandum to delete these names and to substitute the name of the spouse will be sent immediately to the offices mentioned above.

Submitted by: Benefits Services