Section: Personnel
Policy Number: 4-110
Policy Name: Policy on Accommodations for Nursing Mothers in the Workplace
Date: July 2010
Revisions: December 2010; February 2015


  1. Purpose

    1. In 2010 the Fair Labor Standards Act was amended to require employers to provide rest breaks and private space to employees who are nursing mothers in order to allow them to express breast milk for their nursing children. The University of Delaware adopts this policy to support the health and well-being of employees and their infant children by providing a workplace environment that accommodates the needs of nursing mothers.
    2. This policy applies to all female employees who are nursing mothers.

  2. Policy

    1. Female employees who are nursing mothers shall be entitled to reasonable break periods during normal business hours to express breast milk.

    2. Each female employee who is a nursing mother shall have access to a suitable, private location, other than a bathroom, located in close proximity to her work area in which to take a break period under this policy. The location shall be shielded from view and free from intrusion from coworkers and the public. Sspaces on campus have been designated as Nursing Mother Rooms: 346 Hullihen Hall, 214A McDowell Hall and 128 Perkins Student Center. These spaces are managed by the Office of Equity and Inclusion (contact 831-8063). Rooms operate on a first-come, first-serve manner and are available when the buildings are open. 128 Perkins Student Center is wheelchair/scooter accessible.

    3. A female employee shall determine for herself how long and how frequent reasonable break periods should be. Generally, a maximum of thirty minutes three times a day should be sufficient. However, depending upon where the pumping space is located, some time may be needed to travel from and to the work space.

    4. When an employee makes an initial request for an accommodation under this policy, it shall be the employee’s responsibility to engage in a dialogue with her supervisor about the duration and frequency of leave required. A request for an accommodation under this policy will be treated as a request for a flexible work schedule. An employee shall be entitled either to request reasonable unpaid break time or to use paid break or meal times for this purpose. Leave time granted under this policy may be made up at the beginning or end of the day on which leave is taken.

    5. The entitlement to reasonable break periods shall last until a nursing child reaches the age of twenty-four months.

    Submitted by: Labor Relations