Section: Personnel
Policy Number: 4-100
Date:September 7, 1999


Employees are subject to discharge from employment for unsatisfactory job performance or if their behavior is in violation of University policies or rules. Every effort should be made to resolve problems through open discussions and appropriate actions. Prior to a termination action, the department must consult with the Labor Relations Office.

Two weeks' notice will be given except when the cause for termination is such that the employee cannot be permitted to remain on University premises. When an employee resigns, every effort should be made to give two weeks' notice. Longer notice is appreciated when the position requires supervisory or special skills.

Payment is made for unused vacation days if employees have successfully completed the probationary period. In all cases of termination, voluntary and involuntary, an Exit Interview form must be completed by the employee and the supervisor.

An employee's final paycheck is sent to the HR Systems Administration Office at the next regular University pay day and will be released to the employee with proper identification. All keys and other University property must be returned to the department at the time of separation. The employee's University ID card must be returned to the Personnel Records Office when the final paycheck is released.

Submitted by: Labor Relations