Section: Personnel
Policy Number: 4-2
Policy Name: Salary Policy
Date: January 2000


    A good salary policy reflects basic canons of equity and fairness as well as a set of considerations that govern the institution's mission. The institution may properly recognize in its salary policies several factors, in addition to merit, that may result in salary differentials. Among these, the more important are differences in field, differences in function, and differences in market conditions. (American Council on Education, Equal Employment Opportunity Task Force Report)


    The University of Delaware discloses information on individual employees' salaries only to the extent that such disclosure is required by law. (Board of Trustee Policy, December 2, 1978).

    The current implementation of this policy is as follows:

    "Except for those salaries that are required by federal law to be publicly reported, the University does not disclose the salaries of individual employees to anyone other than those administrators who have a need to know".