Section: Financial
Policy Number: 3-22
Policy Name: Vacant Line Policy
Date: July 1, 1990
Revisions: April 1998


    To determine amounts to be budgeted to vacant salary lines.


    In non-block units, all vacant salary lines in the Basic Budget will be reduced to the mid-point of the salary level of the position.

    When an internal Basic-Budget-funded candidate is chosen for an internal promotion or transfer to another Basic Budget-funded position, the existing salary of the promoted employee may be "swapped" with the existing salary of the position being filled. This "swap" will generally occur if the existing salary of the employee being hired is greater than the amount available in the position for which they are being hired. This ensures that there will be no bias against hiring internal candidates.

    When additional funds for a promotional increase are required in a Basic Budget line to hire an individual within the guidelines as outlined above, the funds are taken permanently from the unit's Recurring Position Replacement Account or Block Budget Reserve. If an individual is hired at less than the funds available in the line within the guidelines outlined above, the excess is generally returned to the unit's Recurring Position Replacement Account or block Budget Reserve.

Submitted by: Budget Office