Section: Financial
Policy Number: 3-13
Policy Name: Payroll Policy and Procedures for Recognized Student Organizations
Date: October 1, 1981
Revisions: June 5, 1989; November 2000


    To outline the circumstances under which individuals will be reimbursed for work done for student organizations.


    Recognized student organizations funded totally or partially by the University are discouraged from using any of their funds to reimburse individuals for work done for the organization. If, however, an organization believes it is essential to pay any employees, prior approval must be granted by the Director of Student Centers. If the approval is granted, the following must be adhered to:

    1. Funds to be used for payroll must have been specified as such in the organization's approved budget.

    2. No persons may be reimbursed for work that has not been adequately supervised. Appropriate supervision should be determined by the president and treasurer of the organization and must be approved by the Director of Student Centers.

    3. Time cards must be maintained for each employee. They must be checked and signed by the supervisor every two weeks. Bi-Weekly Payroll Web Time Report Forms must be prepared by the organization's treasurer and approved by the Director of Student Centers.

    4. When Payroll Web Time Report Forms for employees classified as full-time students are presented for signature to the Director of Student Centers, they must be accompanied by an organization check made out to "University of Delaware" equalling the total amount to be charged to the organization's account code.

    5. No payroll checks are to be disbursed directly to employees from the student organization checking account, as this action may violate Federal or State laws regarding pay.

    6. Under no circumstances may non-organization work hours be charged to the organization's payroll account.

Submitted by: HR Systems Administration