Section: Financial
Policy Number: 3-12
Policy Name: Recruiting and Moving Expenses
Date: October 2, 1985
Revisions: June 5, 1989; July 25, 1990; June 1994; July 1, 2005


    To establish criteria for payment of recruiting and moving expenses from University-funded recruiting and moving accounts.


    1. Certain expenses are incurred when a department or college recruits faculty or professional members. These expenses may be charged to the University-funded recruiting and moving account in the Dean's or Director's office if the position for which the person is being recruited is funded from a 1-1 or 1-3 account; expenses for positions funded by contracts and grants, supplemental or discretionary funds, gift accounts, and self-supporting accounts are to be funded from those sources.

      The maximum amounts for recruitment are:

      1. For Senior Faculty and Professionals
      (Full and Associate Professors and
      Professional levels above 16)
      2. For Assistant Professors and
      Professional (levels 15 and 16)
      3. For Junior Professionals
      (levels up to and including 14)
    2. Expenses charged for recruiting and moving may include:

      1. advertising for the position in approved newspapers or journals,

      2. transportation, lodging and meals for the recruitee (subject to the University policy on reimbursement),

      3. meals that the recruiters attend with the person being recruited (also in accordance with University policy), and

      4. relocation expenses incurred in University policy 3-11, Relocation Allowance for New Faculty and Professional Members.

    3. The number of persons invited to campus to interview for a given position should not exceed four, unless prior approval is obtained from the Provost for units reporting to the Provost and from the Executive Vice President and University Treasurer for administrative departments.

    4. Expenses that may NOT be charged for recruiting and moving include, but may not be limited to, the following:

      1. faculty or professional members' conference or travel costs,
      2. telephone,
      3. copying/duplicating,
      4. postage,
      5. supplies, and
      6. salaries (including miscellaneous wages) or salaried staff overtime.
    5. If the position being filled is split-funded between an account that qualifies for funding from the 1-1 recruiting and moving account and one that does not, the recruiting and moving expenses should be split proportionately.

Submitted by: Procurement Services