Section: Facilities
Policy Number: 2-18
Policy Name: Smoking Policy
Date: April 16, 1991
Revisions: August, 1995; September 29, 2000


    Medical evidence clearly shows that smoking is harmful to the health of smokers. It is also an irritant to many non-smokers and can worsen allergy conditions. In sufficient concentrations, secondhand smoke may be harmful to those with chronic heart or lung disease. In addition, there is evidence that long-term exposure to secondhand smoke may seriously threaten the health of non-smokers.


    Smoking includes the inhaling, exhaling and carrying of any lighted cigarettes, cigars, or pipes.


    The University of Delaware declares the interior of all University-owned or occupied buildings, University-owned vehicles, and at least one entrance to each building to be smoke-free. Smoking will be permitted outside one designated entrance for those buildings with more than one entrance. The smoking/non-smoking designation for each entrance shall be determined by the Unit Head(s) of that building, in conjunction with the Assistant Director of Facilities Management, Grounds Division. Compliance with this policy is the responsibility of all members of the University community.

Submitted by: Facilities Management