Section: Facilities
Policy Number: 2-6
Policy Name: Library Policies Affecting Faculty
Date: February 1, 1980
Revisions: June 5, 1989; April 1, 1996; July 1, 2005


    To outline the policies and services provided by the University of Delaware Library for faculty members.


    1. Borrowing Regulations

      The employee's Salary Admin Plan code in the Human Resources database governs the borrowing privileges the employee will receive. The following employees will receive extended loan borrowing privileges for normal loan books, microforms, maps, and government documents and a 3 day loan period for bound or microform periodicals:

      200 - Senior Administrators
      202 - Professional, Full Time
      203 - Professional, Part Time
      209 - Department Chair, Part Time
      210 - Department Chair, Full Time
      211 - Faculty, Full Time
      212 - Faculty, Part Time
      216 - Academic Center Director
      219 - Adjunct/Clinical Faculty
      311 - Emeritus Faculty

      Current periodicals may not be borrowed for use outside the Library. Books from the Browsing Collection and audio materials have a 14-day loan period for all borrowers. CD-ROMS's have a 7-day loan period for all borrowers. Books that are on Reserve for a class circulate only for the stipulated loan period (2 hours, 4 hours, 1 day, 3 days, or 7 days).

      University of Delaware faculty, staff, and students must present a valid University ID card to check out library materials. ID cards are not transferable.

      Extended loan materials have two due dates: January 15 or June 15. Books checked out from May 1 to November 30 receive a January 15 due date; books checked out from December 1 to April 30 receive a June 15 due date. (There may be slight variations in these dates depending upon the Library's calendar.)

      Extended loan books with a January 15 due date can be renewed online through "Books I Have Checked Out" in DELCAT; by contacting the Morris Library Circulation Desk when the Library is open; or by bringing the books to the Morris Library or any Branch Library for renewal.

      Extended loan books with a June 15 due date cannot be renewed online or by telephone; they need to be physically brought to the Morris Library or any Branch Library for renewal or return. The University of Delaware Library fulfills its role as steward of a valuable resource by physically inspecting books on extended loan once a year to insure that they are still in existence and available for recall if needed by other researchers.

      All circulating library materials (except for material on Reserve) are subject to recall. Borrowers who have items that have been recalled are notified of revised due dates. Borrowers are guaranteed a minimum 14 day loan period unless the item is needed for Reserve; if a book has been recalled to be placed on Reserve for a class, it is due immediately but the borrower has nine days to respond before borrowing privileges are suspended.

      All borrowers have their borrowing privileges temporarily suspended if they have an overdue recalled item or ten or more overdue items on their library account. This block remains in effect until the recalled item is returned or the overdue items are renewed or returned. University of Delaware Library borrowing privileges may also be suspended for violation of the terms of interlibrary loan.

      Faculty who fail to return library materials may be billed for replacement of the item plus a processing fee. Questions concerning library accounts can be directed to Library Account Services during regular office hours.

    2. Interlibrary Loan

      Interlibrary loan is a service through which University of Delaware faculty, staff, and students can obtain material that is needed for research and not available in the University of Delaware Library collections. The University of Delaware Interlibrary Loan office follows the provisions of the American Library Association's Interlibrary Loan Code and the copyright law (Title 17 of the United States Code). The University of Delaware Library absorbs all routine costs associated with providing interlibrary loan; however, if a borrower loses or fails to return material obtained from another institution all replacement charges assessed by the lending library will be passed on to the individual. All users need to present a valid University of Delaware ID card in order to pick up material.

      The loan period for books, microforms, and other non-photocopy items is determined by the lending library. In most cases, the loan period is two weeks. Institutions that loan materials have the right to place restrictions on the use of their material (such as requiring it to be used within the Library) and may recall material at any time.

      University of Delaware faculty, staff and students who violate the terms of interlibrary loan (such as failing to return material in a timely manner) may have their University of Delaware Library borrowing privileges and interlibrary loan privileges suspended. All charges assessed by the lending library for lost or non-returned interlibrary loan materials will be passed on to the borrower.

    3. Reserve Room

      Course Reserve services are designed to enable instructors to make limited quantities of course-related materials available to students in an efficient way. All requests for service need to be submitted on Course Reserves forms so the material can be processed in DELCAT and made available to students. Personal copies of books and other materials may be placed on reserve; however, the Library does not accept responsibility for loss or mutilation. Material that is not the property of the Library or the instructor such as books obtained through interlibrary loan or video rentals cannot be placed on Course Reserve. Photocopied material to be placed on Course Reserve must be provided by the instructor and meet the provisions of the copyright law (Title 17 of the United States Code). Library staff will evaluate submitted materials to determine if they fall within the fair use provisions of the copyright law and reserve the right to refuse to place material on Course Reserve if it exceeds fair use or if the copyright permission fees for the material are deemed excessive.

      Course Reserve forms are processed in order of receipt. A minimum of five working days is necessary for processing traditional reserve materials; electronic reserve materials have submission deadlines that are well in advance of the semester in which they are needed. If a Course Reserve form includes books which are not in the University of Delaware Library collection at the time the form is submitted, the books will be ordered and added to the collection; however, this process may take several weeks, and the material may not be available. Instructors should confirm that the Course Reserve form has been received and processed before assigning readings.

    4. Ordering Books, Periodicals, Microforms, Media, and Electronic Resources

      The Library will accept from faculty recommendations for the purchase of books, periodicals, microforms, media, and electronic resources. Insofar as resources are available, the Library will attempt to acquire or license materials requested. However, the Library reserves the right not to order materials which are out of scope, are unusually expensive, or for which it is foreseen there is limited demand.

      Each department has a professional librarian designated by the University of Delaware Library who is the liaison responsible for selection of material for the Library in their discipline. Faculty should contact the library liaison responsible for selection in their discipline or the Head of the Collection Development Department in the Library to submit recommendations for purchase.

    5. Access to Electronic Library Resources

      The University of Delaware Library provides access to a wide variety of electronic library resources, including electronic journal indexes and abstracts, tables of contents of journals and full text electronic journals and other information. Electronic resources which are networked are accessible in the Library and also to all classrooms, offices and dormitories on campus, as well as off campus via Internet on the University of Delaware computer network using the UD Proxy server. The Library provides access to many electronic resources acquired via payments for access to information involving legally binding license agreements which define method of access, content and users. The University of Delaware Library has a Web home page accessible from the University home page which provides access to many electronic library resources, and information about library services. The Library home page is:

    6. Electronic Library Workshops, User Education, Individualized Instruction

      Faculty may request that librarians present instruction sessions, including electronic library workshops, to their classes, or to groups of faculty. In addition, faculty may request individualized instruction by appointment either in their office or in the Library. The Library also presents electronic library workshops about a variety of electronic library resources throughout the year, which are open to University faculty, staff and students.

    7. Photocopying and Digital Scanning

      Self-service photocopy machines are available throughout all floors of the Morris Library and branch libraries. The Library provides a cluster of photocopy machines located in the Morris Library Reserve Room and a second cluster on the Lower Level. A self-service color copier is on the Lower Level of the Morris Library.

      The Library provides color and black and white self-service copies/scanners for digitizing materials which can be saved on CD's purchased in the Library. Digital microform reader/printers are also available for saving on CD digital copies of microform materials.

      The Library also provides a service in which Library staff make photocopies at the request of faculty and for which individuals may pay or charge to departmental accounts. This service is available during hours the Microform and Copy Services desk is open, and service may require 24 hours notice. Library staff copying is charged at a higher rate than self-service copying. Printed materials or microform materials may be copied.

      The University of Delaware Library abides by the terms of United States Copyright Law (Title 17 of the United States Code) and Public Law 94-553 General Revision of the Copyright Law which took effect January 1, 1978 and its subsequent revisions, and contains sections which directly deal with library photocopying.

      Materials copied by Library staff are for use by faculty for private study, scholarship, or research, and must be in accordance with the "fair use" provisions of the U.S. Copyright Law. Neither multiple copies nor copies of entire copyrighted works will be made. In addition, the Library reserves the right to refuse to accept a copying order if, in its judgment, fulfillment of the order would involve infringement of the Copyright Law.

      University of Delaware faculty with questions about copyright should consult the University of Delaware Policy for Copyright and Fair Use in Instruction.

    8. Library Research Studies

      The Morris Library has a limited number of small research studies assigned for a limited term as available on a first-come, first-served juried basis to full-time (tenure track) faculty who intend to use them intensively for research based on library materials. Such assignment is made by application to the office of the Director of Libraries and requires the approval of the Special Committee for the Assignment of Library Research Studies which is appointed by the Provost.

      The names and locations of individuals assigned to library research studies are considered confidential.

    9. Authorized Borrowers

      Faculty members may designate research assistants as "Authorized Borrowers" on their library accounts. An authorized Borrower card permits the cardholder to check out library materials (including books and other materials obtained through Interlibrary Loan) on the faculty member's account. Authorized Borrowers need to be at least 18 years of age and must present photo ID such as a University of Delaware ID card when using the card. The faculty member accepts responsibility for returning or renewing library material when it is due and agrees to pay for replacement of lost or damaged material. Authorized Borrower Card applications are available at the Morris Library Circulation Desk. A minimum of five working days is necessary for processing.

    10. Library Media Services:

      Film and Video Scheduling/Media Viewing Room Scheduling

      The University of Delaware Library has a teaching collection of thousands of films and videos and other media selected by faculty in all disciplines. Faculty with recommendations for films, videos or other media for the Library collections should contact the library selector for their discipline, or the Head of the Instructional Media Department. Library media is listed in DELCAT. Videos, DVDs, films and other media may be viewed in the Morris Library by University of Delaware faculty, staff and students-who need to provide University of Delaware ID cards at the time of use.

      Faculty may schedule films and videos from the Library media collection for class presentation. The University of Delaware Library Instructional Media Department in the Morris Library schedules the videos or films requested, and then contacts University Media Services who picks up materials from the Library and handles delivery and return of the Library films and videos to and from sites throughout the Newark campus. The Library also arranges for delivery of films and videos at faculty request to central sites in Dover, Georgetown, Lewes, Newark and Wilmington. Call the Library Instructional Media Department to schedule media or for a copy of media scheduling procedures. Media Scheduling procedures can be found on the Library Instructional Media web site.

      Scheduling well in advance is advised because the collection is heavily used and many faculty schedule in advance. The Library Instructional Media Collection is a teaching collection and not available for general circulation.

      Faculty may also arrange to schedule media and pick up the material themselves. Media scheduled before 5:00 p.m. is available for pick up by noon following day if the item is available. However media is heavily scheduled, and it is advisable to schedule well in advance.

      Faculty may schedule the Morris Library Viewing Room for class presentation of a film or video. The Library Media Room is located on the lower level of the Morris Library and seats 49. Call the Library Instructional Media Department to schedule the Media Viewing Room.

    11. Hours

      Library hours are posted on the front doors of the Morris Library and are available under "Hours" on the Library Web site. University of Delaware Library hours are also available by calling (302) 831-BOOK.

    12. Assistance

      Faculty members may request assistance from the Library staff in using the library, providing lectures to classes on bibliographic research, or for any other appropriate library-related purpose.

      Policies affecting faculty use of the Library are determined with the advice of the Faculty Senate Library Committee. More complete explanations of policies and procedures are available in the Morris Library.

    13. Other

      In order to protect library materials and to create an atmosphere that is conductive to learning, no food, smoking, or pets are permitted in the libraries. Beverages in resealable containers (such as bottles with screw tops, and mugs or cups with lids) are the only refreshments that may be consumed in the library. Users need to keep these containers closed when not in use to avoid accidental spills. Library staff or Public Safety staff may ask users to dispose of beverages in open containers or to remove food and will confiscate items not removed immediately.

      Public pay telephones and campus-only phones are available in the Library Commons. Library office telephones are not available for faculty use.

Submitted by: University of Delaware Library