Section: Facilities
Policy Number: 2-1
Policy Name: Use of University Facilities by On-Campus Groups
Date: April 15, 1975
Revisions: June 5, 1989; September 29, 2000; April 11, 2011; March 7, 2013


    To establish priorities for the use of University facilities by on-campus groups. Events and conferences held by an on-campus group fall into one of two categories; internal or external.  An event is defined as internal if all participants attending the event are University staff, faculty, and students.  If the conference or event includes external participants, it is considered an external event and Policy 2-2 applies.


    The physical facilities of the University of Delaware have been provided to enable the institution to carry out its responsibilities of education, research and public service, in accord with the University Charter and Trustee Resolutions.

    Recognizing that the University of Delaware cannot honor all of the many requests it receives from campus groups for the use of facilities in support of numerous activities, the following policies are established:

    1. Those activities within the broad definitions of education, research, and public service which the University initiates have priority over all other uses of the institution's physical facilities. University, in this context, means a college, division, department or other official administrative or service unit, a recognized employee organization, or a recognized student organization.

    2. When space is available, a campus group may be granted the use of University facilities provided the activity is sponsored by a college, division, department or other official administrative or service unit, a recognized employee organization, or a recognized student organization, and provided the group agrees to observe the policies and procedures governing the use of University facilities.

    3. The use of University facilities by campus groups shall not interfere with or prevent the use of the facilities for the regular instructional program or for other scheduled activities.

    4. Campus groups using University facilities must compensate the University for the rental of space, where applicable, and for all expenses resulting from the activities including custodial service, labor, security, conference arrangements or other related costs. Should food service be needed, the use of University Dining Services is required.

    5. Any and all damage, including landscape restoration costs resulting from the event, will be charged to the outside group. Events using the Green may be charged as much as $5K for small events or $40K or higher for large events.

    6. Requests for the use of University open space such as the Green must be approved by Hospitality Services, at Green Reservations.

    7. The use of University facilities solely for fund-raising purposes shall be limited.

    8. The University may refuse the use of its facilities to campus groups that otherwise would be eligible where the proposed activity would require an unreasonable amount of University supervision or service or where there is a question concerning the safety of the participants or of University property.

Submitted by: Office of Hospitality Services