DRC-Disaster Research Center

Research at DRC

DRC has a well established research tradition, built on strong foundation in the social sciences; a capacity for quick response field research; and a culture of collaboration between faculty, staff, graduate students and undergraduate students. Building on this rich history, DRC is working to enhance its research activites and broaden the existing program.  DRC has become a university level center and hopes to help meet the demands for both traditional "DRC expertise" and multidisciplinary work. As in the past, DRC plans to draw on the core research areas current DRC faculty engage in. These core areas include:

The identification of the social, physical and environmental factors/conditions that influence vulnerability and resiliency of social and physical systems

Individual and collective threat perception and behavior

Organizational and inter-organizational dynamics

Development and disasters

Social and political dynamics that enhance the development of public policy for disaster reduction

Analysis and management of infrastructure systems

In developing and conducting research projects DRC hopes to: act as the catalyst for; provide administrative support for; and serve as the intellectual home for; interdisciplinary disaster related research. Our unit is focused not only on disciplinary advances, but also on projects that are more fruitful than independent research efforts on the same topic. By leveraging the interests and capacities the many disciplines on campus; balancing quantitative and qualitative approaches to research; demonstrating systems-level thinking; and nurturing a culture that values the integration of disciplinary insights we hope to become one of the key homes for innovative interdisciplinary thinking.