Susann Ullberg
Susann has been working at CRISMART since 1997 and is currently among the centre’s senior analysts. She has done research on several crisis cases such as the MRTA guerrilla hostage taking at the Japanese embassy in Lima (Peru) in 1996-97, the Boliden mining dam accident outside Sevilla (Spain) in 1998, and the Buenos Aires power outage in 1999. She is currently involved in a cooperation project with the Swedish Rescue Services Agency in the development of the agency’s disaster observer program. Susann has a BSc and an MSc in social anthropology from Stockholm University and is now enrolled there as a PhD student. Her dissertation project combines disaster studies with the anthropology of memory, aiming at studying the significance of social memory for recurrent disaster mitigation strategies. For this research she will carry out ethnographic fieldwork in the Pampas region of Argentina in 2005.