A Conference Proposal on Disaster Research and the Social Sciences: Lessons Learned, Challenges, and Future Trajectories

Principal Investigator: Havidan Rodriguez
Co-Principle Investigators: Benigno Aguirre and Tricia Wachtendorf
Funded by: The National Science Foundation

The Disaster Research Center (DRC) at the University of Delaware held a two-day conference on April 30 – May 1, 2004 which focused on the following:

During the two-day event, the DRC also celebrated its 40th anniversary; which paid tribute to Enrico Quarantelli and Russell Dynes, the two founding fathers of the DRC and disaster research from a social science perspective.This conference allowed for the generation of in-depth discussion on how social science research has and will continue to enhance our understanding of the human and social dimensions of disasters. Leading scholars, researchers, practitioners, and students representing 19 countries, 20 states, 33 universities, and 26 national and international agencies and private sector organizations were present to discuss issues from interdisciplinary, international perspectives that are at the forefront in the field of disasters. Among these participants were representatives from funding agencies, thus directing much attention to their funding priorities, needs, and interests. Overall, the conference offered a stimulating and unique opportunity to generate discussion that will inevitably lead to the development of disaster research initiatives and projects in the near future.We hope that you will enjoy looking at some of the results of the conference and will continue to add our discussion on the disaster field. Information available includes content from each of the sessions, biographical information of each of panelists, moderators, and recorders; a list of participants with contact information, and a photo gallery. For all who attended the conference, thank you for your presence and contributions. To all who were not in attendance, we hope you will use the tools made available on this site to recapture the conference material.
Thank you again for a successful and memorable event!