Arjen Boin
Arjen Boin is an assistant professor at Leiden University, Department of Public Administration. He publishes on crisis management, institutional design and leadership. Recent books include Managing Crises: Threats, Dilemmas, Opportunities (Charles C. Thomas publishers; co-editor with Uriel Rosenthal and Louise Comfort), Crafting Public Institutions (Lynne Rienner) and Complexities in Urban Crisis Management (James & James; co-author with Rosenthal et al). He regularly publishes articles in academic journals (recent articles in Public Administration Review and Journal of European Public Policy). In 2001, the Dutch Science Foundation awarded him an innovation grant, which funds a 5-year project on the birth of public institutions. Boin is the research director of the Leiden University Crisis Research Center and co-founder of the European Crisis Management Academy. He regularly performs in training programs and participates in crisis consultancy projects.