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Netherlands/US Water Crisis Research Network (NUWCREN)

UD Principal Investigators: Joseph Trainor (PI,) Sue McNeil (Co-PI)
Network Partners: Jack Harrald (Virgina Tech), Greg Shaw (George Washington University,) Kathleen Tierney (University of Colorado at Boulder,) Uri Rosenthal (COT), Marco Zanonni (COT), Karen Engle (COT,) Kees van Ruiten (Deltares),Peter Werkhoven (TNO),Georg Frerks (Wageningen University)
Graduate Research Assistants: Manuel Torres and Lucia Velotti
Undergraduate Research Assistant: Brittany Scott
Past Undergraduate Research Assistant: Ashley Horan
Funding Agencies: The Ministry of Public Works, Transport, and Water Management (The Netherlands)

Study Description

The purpose of NUWCREN is to develop a sustainable network of Dutch and US knowledge institutes that can facilitate the advancement of the Netherlands’ preparedness with respect to (possible) floods. In addition to distributing existing knowledge, we also aim to develop scientific knowledge and assess operational practice for flood disaster management. The ultimate goal is to institutionalize a collaborative international network that can generate approaches to policy in the Netherlands and/or the United States. Prior NL-US meetings defined the six themes as the initial focus of NUWCREN and identified institutional leads for each area:

  1. Planning, preparing, exercising and learning (COT)
  2. Managing the response to disasters and catastrophic events (TNO)
  3. Human Behavioral response to disasters and catastrophic events (UDEL/DRC)
  4. Community vulnerability and resilience (WUR)
  5. Response capacity and capability (GW/VT)
  6. Public communication/information (NHC)