DRC-Disaster Research Center

Active Studies

Infrastructure Security and Emergency Preparedness

Principal Investigators: Sue McNeil, Rachel Davidson, Earl "Rusty" Lee, Tricia Wachtendorf, Joseph Trainor
Current Graduate Research Assistants: Laura Black, Gabriella Wasoleski
Undergraduate Research Assistants: Charles Mitchell, Sarah Dalton
Funding Agencies: Delaware University Transportation Center, Delaware Department of Transportation

Study Description

Transportation Infrastructure security and emergency preparedness presents an enormous challenge for both the State of Delaware and for the major transportation corridors that run through the state. DelDOT and it’s extensive network of partner organizations have a strong coalition in place to plan, train, and run exercises related to regional evacuation issues. Most notably the state’s Transportation Management Teamis charged with jointly making decisions on how an incident or an event that impacts the transportation system will be handled. Given the complexity of this task and the many intersecting areas of interest, it is vital that relevant engineering and social sciences be brought to bear on the planning processes already underway. The objective of this project is to review the current state of practice for Delaware, review external research and apply insights from state of the art social science and engineering, and develop a plan for integrating research insights into practice.